Monday, February 20, 2012

Brave 10 Ep 7-The Sword vs The Fan

Yukimura ordered Rokuro, Saizo and Isanami to follow him to Kyou for the meeting with Tokugawa. The rest were ordered to guard the palace which upset Yuki and Miyoshi.

As they left to Kyou, Date Musamune also prepared to leave and wore striking clothing for the meeting. After a meal in town, Saizo and company were approached by a boy who told them to take the longer path to Kyou due to the blockage in the forest. Before leaving, Saizo could smell gun powder from the boy's clothes.

When the group were traveling, a flash bomb cause their horses to go wild which led them to several bobby traps. Luckily Miyoshi and Yuki were behind them and clean the traps. The boy earlier was happy that someone has clean his traps and wished to serve Yukimura. Saizo was angry at the boy for almost getting them killed but was stopped by Isanami.

The boy said his name was Mochizuki Rokuro but it is just a make up name he has. Yukimura decided to call him Benmaru which Rokuro claimed he shouldn't give his inner name to a stranger. But Yukimura insisted and ordered Benmaru to return to the town and wait for them to return after the meeting.

Finally the group arrived at Kyou and received an order from Tokugawa's men that no swords is allowed to sheath during the meeting. Yukimura and Rokuro went for the meeting while Saizo took charge of the rest.

Yukimura met Ishida Mitsunari and Naoe Hanetsugo outside and all of them wondered what Tokugawa's motives for having this meeting. As they all sat at the meeting, Date arrived and challenge Yukimura to a sparring session. Yukimura accepted and use only a paper fan to defend himself.

After a few rounds which Yukimura averted Date's sword, he purposely fell to the ground and kick Date's sword onto Tokugawa's lap which missed him. Everyone laughed but only those close to Yukimura and Date knew what this action mean for Tokugawa. Yukimura was ordered to stay behind to answer his actions earlier which he knew it is a trap from Tokugawa. Date was informed by his ninjas that Isanami is also here and want to capture her.

However that night, Yukimura and company has left the palace and running away from Tokugawa's men. Yuki and Miyoshi destroyed the only bridge linking to the town and everyone flee into the night...

Even though, the group didn't face any serious opponents other than some death traps, it is obviously that Tokugawa, despite his elderly look has a hidden agenda against Yukimura. Date is also secretly plotting against Tokugawa and want to use Isanami's powers for conquest. The sword play was just a front for a threat to Tokugawa-If you want Isanami, you have to fight for her.

Benmaru is your typical orphan kid who is tricky with his traps which you see in many Sengoku Era series. Anyway the next episode is the last Brave who happened to be with Kage and it seems they have to use a ship to get back to Ueda.

P.S-Ishida and Naoe's Seiyuu is Midorikawa Hikaru and Miki Shichiro who are familiar voices for Super Robot Wars series playing Masaki and Ryusei respectily. I know there are some female fans are going gaga over this episode when they met...

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