Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 6-Shampoo Hat

Yuuta has problems washing Hina's hair as she struggled with the shampoo on her eyes. Later Miu suggested to them to go back to their old house to collect some belongings.

The next day, the family were about to leave and saw Kurumi returning home. Hina greeted her and they posed the characters of Lunaluna 7. Kurumi saw Yuuta and the others who were speechless and she immediately ran back home.

The family walked in the shopping district and even the shopkeepers greeted Hina who is well known to everyone there. While waiting for the train, Yuuta received a call from Sako and reluctantly answered. Sako want to visit him and Hina accidentally shouted on the phone. Sako immediately demanded where Yuuta is but he hang up the phone quickly.

The family walked along the street back to their house and saw Miu's friends and even Sora's classmate. Yuuta and Hina entered the house first and switched on the breaker for the power to be back on. Sora and Miu went to their room on the second floor and ordered Yuuta to stay here.

Where are the girls, Mr Nimura?

Tell me everything about the girls!

He began playing with Hina and after a while he fell asleep on the couch. Meanwhile Sako and Raika tied up Nimura and started to interrogate him about Yuuta's nieces.  He refused to answer as Raika continue questioning and Sako is still delirious about Hina and even draw a sketch of her.

Yuuta woke up and it was already evening. He tried to help Sora carrying her bag but she fell on his body. He accidentally held one of Sora's panties and she slapped him. They later have dinner and Yuuta wash Hina's hair with ease because of a shampoo hat he found in the bathroom.

Yuuta slept in the guest room and the girls were sleeping in their own room. However Yuuta couldn't sleep when Miu want to sleep in the same room. Sora and Hina also joined in and they sleep together. Miu asked Sora when did she started calling Yuuta Onnechan. She refused to answer which make Miu to tease her more.

The next day, the family were about to leave when Yuuta asked Sora to take their family photo as remembrance's sake. Yuuta carried their belongings and Miu found Yuuta has brought back the shampoo hat for Hina...

If it weren't for Hina's innocence and Sako's antics, this episode isn't a good one. The only thing is Yuuta want the girls to bring back their family photo as the only memory of their parents which is a sweet thing for him to do.

I couldn't help but laugh over Sako and Raika interrogating Nimura and on the next episode, Raika finally make a visit to Yuuta's home and the rivalry between Sora and her is about to heat up!

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