Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brave 10 Ep 6-Big Man, Little Heart

Saizo and the others found Yukimura and Rokuro missing from their room. Sasuke passed them a letter explaining Yukimura and Rokuro has went to an Onsen Inn and has invited them to join him.

When they arrived, everyone went their separate ways to explore the town. Saizo met Kage who got into a fight with a large monk. Kage claimed the monk did not pay his meals and try to teach him. The monk who is called Miyoshi Seika Nyudo admitted that he is a poor monk and God want him to be thirfty.

Miyoshi also claimed that he is on an important mission to find his sister which he declared in writing on his back. Saizo persuade him to leave but Kage want to teach him a lesson. Miyoshi then bend Kage's rifle which depressed him. (His rifle is called Saya by the way.)

Miyoshi got angry and battle Saizo. His body was able to deflect Saizo's kunais due to his tough muscles. Yuki joined in but lose to Miyoshi's strength. Sasuke and Anna arrived too however Ann refused claiming Miyoshi's body sweat will ruin her skin.

Saizo, Sasuke and Yuki then battle Miyoshi which by now, Yukimura and Rokuro witnessed the commotion. Saizo finally found Miyoshi's weakness which is his head and he surrendered.

Isanami arrived after winning a Dango eating contest which Miyioshi claimed she is his sister. She does not recognize him and he continue to persist her. Saizo told Isanami to sweet talk him which Miyoshi finally claimed down and help to repair the damages he caused.

15 years of Youth...

Later, the warriors met Yukimura at the Onsen Inn and Miyoshi explained that he and Isanami were raised by the Head Priest of Izumo temple years ago. He left the temple at the age of 15 to understand God's teachings. He recognize Isanami by her head band and the name of the head band-The Fushigi Tama. He then showed a picture of his younger self which Isanami then remember him now. Yukimura decided to allow Miyoshi to join them which he glady accepted.

That night, Saizo joined Yukimura at the hot springs. Yuki refused to join them after being teased by Yukimura and went to the river to wash up. Saizo asked where Kage is which Yukimura told him that Kage set out to a journey to repair his rifle. Miyoshi and Sasuke joined them however Sasuke's animals friends started to join in which annoyed Saizo.

Well done, Yukimura!

Isanami and Anna were relaxing at the hot springs beside them when Yukimura sneaked in. The two girls were embarrassed and Miyoshi jumped in as he heard a yell from Isanami. It angered Anna which she used her jutsu to freeze both of them and the water.

Saizo left them and found Yuki after his shower in the river. Saizo saw Yuki's hair is still wet and pat on it. It embarrassed Yuki and he ran away from him. Yuki saw Sasuke's ferret, Amaharu and started to cuddle it. Sasuke want to get it back but was totally useless.

The next day, Yukimura decided to go to Kyoto as invited by Tokugawa...

An Onsen episode in a ninja action show? I love it! First Miyoshi who has a tough body but his thinking is naive but yet amusing. His search for Isanami with his message on his back really gave people the wrong idea which even Saizo think he is a siscon. Kage's rifle is called Saya which make me think of Saya of Blood+. (Yeah, it is creepy, I know.)

Then Yuki felt some kinda of emotion from Saizo which is similar to BL!? God, everyone in the group has issues. The only part which I enjoy is Yukimura dared to enter the female springs and successfully oozed Anna and Isanami. It has been a long time since any male characters in Anime has enter a hot spring full of women and oozed them. Of course, Anna couldn't stand Yukimura and Miyoshi and freeze both of them!

Next episode, the heroes entered Kyoto and face both Tokugawa and Date Musamune. Oh, the Irony!

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