Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 4-My Loli Senses is Tingling!

Don't you wish it was Raika hugging you, Yuuta?
Yuuta and the girls were awakened by the alarm in the morning. Miu and Hina woke up first but Sora was still hugging Yuuta in her sleep. When she finally woke up, she let out a scream and left Yuuta with a bump.

Yuuta went to the convenience store and bought breakfast for the girls. The girls want to repay back but he declined. He reminded the girls not to open the door to strangers and after that, Miu and Hina say goodbye to him. Sora want to say it too but hesitated.

The girls found out their food cost about 8000 yen and decided to help around the house with the petty cash their parents gave before they left. Meanwhile, Yuuta was approached by Raika, Nimura and the head of their club, Sako. Raika asked why he did not come to the club recently but he could not replied.

My Loli Senses is tingling!

Here come the Raika Special!

Sako suddenly smell a sweet aroma on Yuuta's body. He suspected it could be the scent of a young girl. Raika beat him senseless as Yuuta escaped from them.

The girls make a mess in the house and saw the number of laundry in Yuuta's cupboard. They decided to bring it to the cleaners and along the way, met Yuuta's neighbour which Hina called her a stranger. The girls finally bring it to the cleaners (at the cost of paying extra for Yuuta's boxer shorts) Sora bought some cheap vegetables and planned to cook for him.

However it didn't go well as the girls make a mess in the kitchen and Yuuta called Sora to inform he is coming back late. When Yuuta came back, he saw the badly cooked meal but thank them. He even bought them strawberry cakes for the girls which make them happy.

After a bath, Yuuta saw Sora outside their apartement and she told him that she didn't wish him goodbye this morning. But he already knew she say it based on her body language. They went back home together and later Yuuta tucked her in bed that night...

So Day 2 ended with a more subtle tone as the girls experienced living together with Yuuta and all the inconvenience rises. I don't know if this is a norm but do male clothing usually don't mix with female clothing in the washing machine. Usually it doesn't make a difference as the washing power will wash everything so it doesn't really matter. The girls have to pay extra just to wash Yuuta's boxes shorts and they too realised it is going to cost more.

I find the girls are struggling to adjust their new life which it is all right with me but nothing special about it. Just the usual hiccups here and there in the room-like drawing on the wall, making a mess in the kitchen and so on.

Oddly enough, I find Raika and Sako more interesting to watch after three episodes absence. Raika is funny with her dead sense of humor while Sako is really confirmed a stereotype Lolicon. I do know later in the story that Miu really take advantage of Sako's perverted thoughts and trick him in various ways.

Anyway, I hope we get to see more of Raika and Sako as once they discovered the girls, the story really pick up.

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  1. Hngggg. Papakiki is really nice. Nice fanservice and some touching scenes. It isn't one of those plotless ecchi.