Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brave10 Ep 5-It take one Gender to know another Gender

Saizo has a dream of his best friend in his former ninja clan. His friend was killed and disposed off like trash which make him realise that ninjas are expandable and it make him cold hearted during his missions.

He woke up and realised Kakei has healed him and Yuri. Kakei has already send a message to Yukimura and Saizo refused to rescue Isanami as his job was to escort her and not save her.

Sasuke received the message from Kakei. Yukimura ordered Sasuke and Anna to rescue Isanami from Date Musamune. Meanwhile Date visited Isanami in her cell. She had doubts if Saizo should save her as everyone will get hurt because of her. She released some energy of the Fushi Tama which make Date more determined to have her power.

Date explained to his right hand man, Kojiro that the Fushi Tama is suppose to have the power to "calm the land" and he plan to use it to create the ideal world. Sasuke and Anna began to sneak the castle and they split up to save Isanami. Sasuke found her but she refused to leave. He could not argue with her but kept watch nearby.

Yogi Bear is Sasuke's friend!?

Meanwhile Anna deliberately got captured but overheard Isanami is still in her cell. She broke free and rushed to Isanami's cell. When she arrived, Isanami still refused to leave which Anna spoke some sense to her. Yukimura has acknowledge her as one of the ten warriors and despite being weak, she is regarded as one of them. Isanami opened her eyes and left with her and Sasuke.

They finally returned and later Saizo and company has also arrived. Saizo gave the cold shoulder to Isanami when they met which anger Sasuke. Yuri had a meeting with Yukimura and after some persuasion, Yuri accepted his offer to stay here.

Sasuke confronted Saizo and he argue that Saizo is running away as he is not strong enough. Sasuke told him to he must become stronger if he will to protect Isanami. She overheard it and they finally make up.

Time for a magic trick!

Date planned to snatch back Isanami while the Brave warriors had a meeting. They explained what has happened in Izumo temple and the strange writings in the cave. Rokuro used his special abilities to see what Yukimura saw in the cave and wrote the contents on a paper. Yukimura fooled everyone that the strange writing is a dud and told them to leave the room.

Yukimura and Rokuro were alone in the room and feared that the actual content could be bigger than anything they have imagined and Saizo is the deciding factor...

So it was a pretty simple breakout to save Isanami. Sasuke and Anna are also cool in battling Date's men and Sasuke is pretty another blockhead who don't know how to talk to women. He even grumbled about it when he was taking cover in a Bear's cave. Anna on the other hand was better as being a kunoichi and a woman, she know what Isanami is going through and persuade her to escape.

Saizo was as usual being sorry for himself and gave the cold shoulder to Isanami. Sasuke gave him a beating and finally convinced him to get stronger for Isanami which make him the perfect rival for Saizo.

Date Musamue was ambitious like his Sengoku Basara counterpart and even want to claim the Fushi Tama to control the world which make him no different with Yukimura and Tokugawa. So I guess as long as the Fushi Tama is around, everyone will fight for it and Isanami's life.

Anyway, the next episode introduce the next Brave-Miyoshi Sekai Nyudo the Warrior Monk as Saizo again clash with him.

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