Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brave10 Ep 4: I Hate Snakes!

Date Musamune received the news of Isanami returning to Izumo temple and planned to find out the secret of her power. Meanwhile, the trio has arrived at Izumo Temple and began to search around.

Here! Catch! Opps!?

Isanami was reminiscing the peaceful time before the attack and blamed herself for everyone demise. Saizo told her that nothing can be done for the dead and they must keep on living for those who have passed on.

After a while, Saizo noticed a strange floor pattern on the ground and suspected to be a trap door. Isanami unknowing unlocked the door and revealed an underground passage. They explored further and reached a dead end. There were some strange writings on the wall but none of them knew how to translate.

Suddenly Hattori and Oukatsu appeared and want to steal the hairband or "Fusigi Tama" on Isanami's head. She now remember the head priest gave it to her as a child and remind her not to remove it. She went into shock now knowing she indirectly cause everyone death. Saizo battled Hattori while Kakei is trapped in Oukatsu's snake wall.

Saizo was no match for Hattori and was badly injured. Kakei was immobilised by Oukatsu's jutsu and nearly got killed when suddenly Yuri distrupt the fight. He boasted that he will be the one to kill Saizo and got his hands defeated by Hattori.

Snake hold!!!

Kakei was able to move and broke away from Oukatsu. She used a grapple hold on him however Kakei fired a shot though his body and kill Oukatsu. Saizo and Yuri team up and finally defeated Hattori.

They went up to the surface and Isanami tend to their wounds. Suddenly Date arrived and abducted her away. He declared his name and flee, leaving the three warriors unable to move...

We get to see more of Isanami who showed a sad side of her. Being cheerful for the last three episodes, we know she bottled all her sadness inside and finally knowing that she indirectly caused the death of everyone in the temple. Saizo who has seen death countless times tried to console her (In a funny manner by throwing his hanky in her face!) but I know that he is trying to his best to make her feel better.

I don't think we see the last of Hattori (Come on, he is the best ninja in the Sengoku Era!) but now Date Musamune kidnapped Isanami, it looks like our heroes will have to enter Kyushuu to get her back based on the next episode.

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