Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 2-As Fiery as the Sun, Cure Sunny!

That's a big Strawberry!

Miyuki and Candy reintroduced themselves at home. Candy was hungry and asked Miyuki to use the Strawberry decor on her Cure Pact. A large strawberry materialised and Candy happily ate it. Candy also explained to her that they need to find to the 4 remaining Precures to save Marchenland.

I just want to be like that female lead from Moero Attack (An old 70s Teen Drama about Volleyball)

The next day, the girls were having Volleyball and Akane was in top form beating even Nao and Reika. During break, Miyuki asked Akane and Yayoi if they want to be Precures which Candy reprimanded her that she is not suppose to reveal the secret of Precure.

Akane and Yayoi overheard them talking and were curious about it. Akane gave up after Miyuki gave her the excuse. She then asked Miyuki to come and see her play in her volleyball training. However Akane was under performing and was discouraged.

Miyuki then saw her training under the bridge. She mistaken Akane for crying and want to comfort her but fell down. Akane told her it was just sweat and not tears. However Miyuki encourage her and then she help Akane in her training.

I learn Rider Kick from Kamen Rider Fourze!

I can only do Happy Shower Once per episode?!

The next day, Akane was performing well but Wolfrun appeared and stole the "Bad-End" energy from everyone including Akane. Miyuki transformed to Cure Happy and battle a Volleyball Akabe. She used Happy Shower but missed her target. She was unable to use again and got caught by Akabe.

Akane could hear her pain and broke free from the spell. She wonder if Cure Happy is Miyuki which she accidentally replied. Cure Happy told her that if friends gathered to help, they can overcome anything which ignite Akane's heart.

She tried to save Happy but unable to when suddenly, another Cure Pact appeared in front of Akane. Candy told her to transform and she become Cure Sunny. Cure Happy was glad to see Akane as a Precure. The Akabe tried to squash both of them but Cure Sunny held on her own and managed to throw off Akabe.

As Fiery as the Sun, I wonder Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan want a female member?

Must increase my morale again!!!

Then Candy told her to use her special attack which is Sun Fire. She concentrate her energy and used Sun Fire to defeat the Akabe. It then drop off a rose tact which Candy told her to keep it.

Miyuki and Akane were happy to know that they are Precures. Then Akane told her to start calling by her first name as a start to their friendship..

I think the running gag is the Cures have to concentrate their energy to use their special attack. Imagine if March and Beauty who are more mature have to behave like them to use their power. it will be a bit out of character and the previous series cures might be wondering what are they doing in order to use their power.

First, Akane is like Erika from Heartcatch Precure. With her Kansai accent and her monstrous Strength, she is on par with the more Power Precures like Rouge and Marina. Furthermore, this week's episode is about friendship overcoming anything (A common theme in Precure) when Miyuki help Akane and she performed well in her game. Other than that, Miyuki is probably accident prone which show off her character as a funny and but yet positive girl.

The Bad End energy clock which is similar to the Fuko Energy gauge from Fresh Precure is tickling every time Bad End energy is absorbed from humans. Now it is reaching two and if it reach the end which is twenty two, the main boss-Pierrot will be revived. So Smile Precure will end at episode 22? (Nah, just kidding. Toei have a whole year to milk this series and they will sure pop up a clique that will delay Pierrot's revival.)

At least she is more cuter than Sunshine!

Next week, the next general from Bad-End Land appeared which is the Red Oni and Yayoi joined the two girls as Cure Peace.

When in doubt, use your head!

This is how you do a Rider Kick!

It's sure getting crowded doing the Precure Jump!

I should mention the teaser trailer of the All Stars Precures New Stage Movie. Cure Happy using her head smashing a watermelon monster which leave Melody speechless. The movie heroine Ayumi found a spawn of Fusion who is the main villain from the first DX movie and the traditional Precure Jump!


  1. @kragito did you also sew in the next episode preview we will have the second villian? i mean to the big fat red gaient

    1. Yes, it is a big red oni (demon).Probably from the Momotaro Story.

  2. >Imagine if March and Beauty who are more mature have to behave like them to use their power.

    I think there is no worry to them. They will behave in more cool Akane here, she has such sumo pose, but she just close her eye tightly. Hence, March and Beauty may just close their eye with concentration...Peace is crying to burst power.

    >So Smile Precure will end at episode 22?
    The boss will revive in ep 22 (high possibility), but there should be more things to do after ep 22. Also, SmPC can't end in 22 eps...
    with these amount of members...

    >Akane is like Erika from Heartcatch Precure
    Akane looks more like Rin....I think...Erika wants people to follow what she said. She sometimes force people to do something..but I can't see that from Akane.

    1. I agree that there will be more eps even if Pierrot is revived after 22 eps. Do you notice this season doesn't have a female vilian in the opening sequence (No, the old witch doesn't count!)

      Just a wild guess that if there have another heel turn head scenerio like the last three seasons (I am not in favor) which I hope that Toei will try something new this season.

      At least Akane doesn't sound like Rin who is too close to Naruto (Rin's seiyuu)and I am not a fan of Naruto either.

  3. One thing I really liked about this episode was the amazing animated sequence of the Akanbe about to supposedly "flatten" Cures Happy and Sunny. I really liked the shadow effects (it gets progressively darker the closer the Akanbe gets) and the changing facial reaction of the two Precures when the Akanbe about to hit them! :-)