Thursday, January 26, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 3-Baby, don't cry no more.

Yuuta volunteered to take care of the girls despite the relatives objected it. The next day, the girls took their luggage and ran off with Yuuta. They took a train to the city and Yuuta suggested to have lunch. However the restaurants around were either too crowded or too expensive for him.

They finally settled at a Karaoke box to have a meal there. Yuuta's friend, Nimura saw them and mistaken him as a pedophile. He explained to Nimura his reasons and even encourage him to answer Yuuta's aunt who was on the line.

Nimura entertained the girls while Yuuta spoke to his aunt. She told him that the relatives are not going to chase the matter however he must know his limits and not to neglect his studies.

After lunch, Yuuta finally brought the girls to his place. They inspected the room and Sora use the toilet. Miu told her that there is no privacy which embarrassed her in front of Yuuta. After cleaning the place and making the room bigger, the girls took a bath together.

After the bath, they played some card games and Hina suddenly asked when her mother is coming back. Miu being upset, suddenly make up an excuse and left the house. Yuuta go after her as Sora hugged Hina tightly.

Yuuta saw Miu shedding a tear at the roadside. She apologize for running off like that and came back with him. The three girls slept together for the first time in Yuuta's home and even Sora shed a tear knowing that they are together for now...

I have both warm and sad thoughts after watching this episode. First, the trip back to Yuuta's place was pretty fun. Hina being the most lively was fun to watch her interact with everything like a real four year old girl will do. Singing songs, asking questions and even taking the food without asking. Then when she finally ask where their parents are coming back, that actually struck everyone like a bolt of lighting.

It's like a taboo to ask that question. I can understand that a four year old might not understand death especially the loss of a loved one. Especially trying to explain to her which most probably she will cry in despair. Sora, Miu and even Yuuta try not to hurt her but inside their heart, it is a terrible burden to bear. Like when Hina asked can they go back to their own home, it was pretty tough for them to explain to her.

Miu couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the house while Sora being the eldest, have to play double duty for Hina. She too wish all these isn't real but somehow or someday, Hina will know the truth.

This show can really poke people at the wrong points but I like it as it reminds of those 80s TV sitcoms where you can put humor and drama into one show and make it loved by everyone. I hope people who think this show rely on fan-service only should give it another chance and see underneath what this show can possibly accomplished.

Anyway, the next episode, the girls goes shopping together and buy necessities for their new home.

P.S. The reason why there was no privacy in Yuuta's toilet was the wall are too thin as such anyone could hear what the person is doing (eg: urinating or passing motion) I mean now Yuuta has three girls who are going through puberty and are very sensitive to certain female matters.

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