Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brave10 Ep 3: Back to Izumo Temple

Yukimura recieved a report from another of his ten warriors-Kakei Juzou about Tokugawa searching the remains of the burn down Izumo Temple. They suspected that his fail abduction of Isanami could be connected to it. Yukimura suggested that Saizo is to escort Isanami back to the temple to find out more.

Sasuke tried to win Isanami's favor with an owl

Want to sleep with me, Saizo?

Isanami was happy to go with Saizo but was disappointed that Kakei was to accompany them too. They began their journey which Kakei disapprove Isanami's revealing clothes and her happy-go-lucky attitude. That night, Isanami want Saizo to sleep in the same tent which make Kakei even more annoyed about it.

The next day, they saw an "old lady" injured and offered to carry her across the bridge. But the old lady is revealed to be a bandit-Yuri Kamanosuke and kidnap Isanami. Saizo was trapped in a barrier of wind but Kakei managed to kill off some of Yuri's men with his rifle. Saizo broke free and battle Yuri. He then destroyed the bridge and Saizo fell into the river.

Yuri took Isanami away while Kakei found Saizo near the river bank. They quickly went to find Yuri at the same time, Sasuke decided to follow them behind after being teased by Ana.

Yuri planned to lure Saizo into a trap and tied Isanami onto a tree near a cliff. The two heroes found her which Saizo climbed all the way to the top. They began to battle each other which finally Saizo defeated him.

Yuri told Saizo that he showed no remorse and want him to end his life. However Isanami begged Saizo not to which he agreed. Yuri was angry and demanded Saizo to end his life. They left him behind with badly wounds.

Kakei has a different opinion of Isanami now and they continued their journey. Meanwhile Yukimura received a secret letter and ordered Rokuro to remember the contents and destroy the letter...

We are introduced to two new characters. First is Kakei Juzo who specialize in sniping and he is more rigid than Saizo. Although a traveller but the only thing he fear most as shown on the bridge is his fear of height! Really? A sniper who is afraid of heights? Is that possible? But he is also an easy person after seeing Isanami begging Saizo not to kill Yuri and comment her for her courage.

Yuri Kamosuke is a sadist as he love the thrill of battles and bloodshed. Of course after this battle, Yuri will probably want another match with Saizo and Yukimura will hired him as his ten warriors as shown in the opening. Yuri's choose of weapon is the Sickle and Chain which can create strong wind. He is also a jerk for beating up Isanami during her capture and he doesn't give a damn of her calling him a weird person.

So in the next episode, the group arrived at Izumo temple however Hanzo and the snake lady from episode 2 are back again. Also, the arrival of the One Eye Dragon warrior-Date Masamune!

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating tomorrow!

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