Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Impressions: Rinne no Lagrange Ep 1, Aquarion Evol Ep 1 and Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 1

Rinne no Lagrange Ep 1: Madoka like to help people in her school and when she met an alien girl named Ran who asked her to pilot an alien robot, she accept it immediately and even take down an alien robot with a German Suplex!

So instead of a guy meeting an alien girl, we got a girl meeting an alien girl and asked to pilot a robot. It is the least original idea but I am fine with it. Madoka is very positive (Unlike a certain young boy who hate his father and is forced to pilot a purple humanoid robot.) and taking out the enemy without any weapons is really thinking out of the box. The robot which I yet to find out what is it name is quite similar to SRW OG's Astelion in term of design as it is able to transform from jet mode to robot mode.

Ran is like every emotionless female lead we seem a hundred times while the rest of the cast is kinda of your stereo-type. You have your strict elder sister who is also working in a secret base, your elder commander, the enigma adviser who always close his eyes and the classmates who don't have a name and we probably never going to see them again. The villains are not your regular evil aliens but three bishounen who should be in a pop group instead. Not a good start but will give another shot as there is another female lead (who has a big bust) appearing in the next episode.

Aquarion Evol Ep 1: Amata met a girl named Mikono who is interested to know the legend of Aquarion who defeated the Shadow Angels 12000 years ago. However a new alien threat appeared and started abducting people from the town.

Being high give you wings!

God Gundam called. He want his Sen Ha Ten Jou Ken back!

The current Mass produced Aquarion who are piloted by two groups of male and female are unable to hold off the aliens. Amata then revealed his identify-he sprout out golden wings whenever he get excited and pilot one of the Vectors. Together with Cayenne and Zessica, they defeated the leader of the aliens who looked similar to Apollo from the previous series...

I think someone has forgotten to tell the military that Aquarion need to have a mix of male and female pilots to release it's full potential. Instead we have two training academy that trained male and female recruits separated by a high wall. Amata was more soft spoken than Apollo though he has a tragic past of seeing someone dear being taken away by an unknown force in the sky. He get excited and spourt little wings on his feet which explain him putting weights on his boots. Mikono who is your regular innocent girl however a foresight to the future being married to Dark Apollo (I going to call him that from now on) is not a good sign for the future episodes. I have not seen anyone from the original series yet but the combination to Aquarion Evol is still funny and awesome at the same time.

At least I know that Aquarion Evol will be a new entry for the next Super Robots Wars Z (Probably Z III once Z II end it's run.)

The Loli's name is Lemon and is voiced by Tamura Yukari who did Ichigo Morino in Onegai Teacher and they have the same personalities. (Could be related)

Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 1: Kaito was killed after a UFO crashed landed. However the next day he woke up in his bed with no memories other than a mark on his neck. A red-haired girl named Ichika transferred to his school and get along with Kaito and his friends. He invited Ichika to stay in his house for one night however she has a secret. She is an alien and was responsible for saving his life the previous night...

Specs Male lead, check. Red haired alien girl, check. Childhood friend, check. Cool friend, check. The shy girl, check. The loli who is their senior, check. The alien mascot, check. If you haven't figure out what is this show is?  From the opening sequence to having an alien mascot, It's Onegai Teacher all over again!

I remember when Onegai Teacher started, it cause some friction due to the age difference of the two leads. But this time, the age gap is only two years apart which is not much a big deal. Kaito is your regular kid with a 8mm video camera who want to make a movie during the summer holidays. (Wait a minute! This is Super 8 with boobs!) Ichika is more of an ignorant Mizuho who is trying to fit into society however she felt responsible for fatally wounding Kaito and reviving him back is probably the only way making up to him.

Ichika really looked like Kazama Mizuho!

The ending left with Kaito's elder sister and his childhood friend, Kanna were stunned at a half naked Ichika hugging an unconscious Kaito (Probably due to the side effects of the recovery part) I am pretty sure it is going leave a lot of misunderstanding after that...


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