Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Impressions: Moretsu Pirates Ep 1, Zero no Tsukaima F Ep 1 and Brave10 Ep 1

Moretsu Pirates Ep 1: Marika love Space Yachting and work part-time in a maid cafe. However her parent's old friends announced that she has to take over her late father who is actually a real space pirate. It got more complicated when people are trying to kidnap her and a cool specs girl with a sweet tooth saved her...

It's like Chiaki is getting an Orgasm after eating ice cream!

So basically it's Pirates of the Caribbean in Space and the back story is that these space pirates fought for independence against the government years ago. A bit slow in pacing and from the look of the opening, it seems that almost 99% of the crew are females as the remaining pirates are recruiting new blood. Although I was kinda of surprised that it was Hana Kanazawa playing Chiaki, a calm character instead of her usual cheerful characters that she is famous for. Anyway, I will have to see the next episode before deciding further.

Why aren't you grabbing Siesta's breast?

Zero no Tsukaima F Ep 1: Continuing from Princess no Rondo, Saito and Louise now travel with the rest of their class to a distant country where the king revealed that he is also a user of the Void Magic. However a new faction is watching them and while trying to steal an artifact, Saito and Louise defeated one of them. But after that, the two of them got into one of their fight again...

If you have not been following the last three season, you probably will be scratching your head as the first episode just jumped straight into the action without telling you what is going on. The main cast is back so nothing special expect for the new faction of characters who are your stereotype villians. Furthermore, it is just a more light-hearted version of Shakugan no Shana with Saito and Louise getting to their usual squabbles which I don't care. I will just take Siesta, Tiffania and Henrietta for myself.

You should see how many bowls Isanami ate.

Brave10 Ep 1: Kirigakure Saizo is a Wandering Ninja who saved a Miko named Isanami from some pursing Ninjas. Isanami want to meet Sanada Yukimaru for help as her shrine was masscred by a mysterious Ninja. Yukimaru refused at first but after finding out Isanami possessed a deadly power and the men who are after her are from Tokugawa, he took her and Saizo in. Saizo later overheard that Yukimaru is recruiting warriors for a secret mission and decided to stay around...

This is what you do when a women is sleeping next to you!?

If you like Basilisk or Ninja Scroll, you will definitely like this show! I thought in the beginning Yukimaru will be the main character but instead it is Saizo who is the most recognized Ninja of the Sanada Ten Braves after Sarutobi Sasuke. The action is awesome and there were some humors which I enjoy especially the relationship with Saizo and Isanami. Highly recommended! (Just don't expect it to be Sengoku Basara!)

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