Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Impressions: Moretsu Pirates Ep 2, Zero no Tsukaima F Ep 2 and Brave10 Ep 2

You are still eating ice cream while escaping?!

Moretsu Pirates Ep 2: After escaping her captors, Marika and Chiaki rest at a nearby park. Chiaki explained to Marika that she is a target for every pirate gang and government agencies due to the fact, she will take over her father's role. Later Marika's mother brought her to a deserted scrapyard where she taught Marika Pirates 101. A few days later, the Space Yacht club went on an outing in a large cruiser where Chiaki and Marika discovered someone is trying to hack into their system...

The pacing is still slow but I am sure it will be pick up once Marika become the Captain. Marika's mother teaching the basics of Piracy (Pun!) and the reasons why pirates used firearms is a little preachy to my opinion. Anyway, Marika is getting the hang of control the situation which inspired Chiaki who earlier loath at her. (Though she did lose her temper for a moment in the bridge.)

Index want back her clothings!

I don't mind being laid by you, Tifa!

Zero no Tsukaima F Ep 2: Louise and Tifa (Tiffania for short) began their rites for the King's coronation festival. After the performances, Tifa has doubts if Saito is her familar and ask him to kiss her. But Saito hesitated and embarrassed Tifa in front of everyone. Louise was lured into a trap and was abducted by the mysterious group led by King Joseph of Gaila. Saito battle some of his men and quickly informed the others of Louise's kidnapping. Joseph's motives is to use elves magic and Louise's void magic to wage war on the world.

At least there is some action and even though Jospeh is the villain but I suspect the little boy in the group could be the overall mastermind as seen in the opening. Louise is annoying as usual and Tifa is still fun to tease on. One thing, Saito called Louise Lemon Chan when she wore the priestess clothing and Tifa Melon Chan. Yup, if you compare both fruits, I can understand why...

It is obviously that Anastasia has a thing for Saizo.

Brave10 Ep 2: Saizo met his childhood friend and fellow Ninja-Anastasia who used ice ninjutsu. She was also invited by Yukimura as one of his ten warriors. Sasuke and her went to investigate sightings of giant snakes in the forests and Saizo tagged along with Isanami behind. Saizo and Isanami found the snake which is under a jutsu spell. They fell into a cave in but managed to get out. However the town is under attack by Hattori Hanzo and his snake user. Isanami recognized Hattori as the ninja who destroyed her shrine and Saizo battled him. Both ended in a stalemate when Sasuke and Anastasia arrived and Hattori retreated...

Those eyes, those creepy eyes!!!

Good episode as we are introduced to Anastasia, the other female in the group and she is voiced by the sexy Asakawa Yuu. Hattori is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro who is really a top notch ninja. He killed women guards and do everything in his power to get the job done. Well, Hattori is suppose to be a real bad ass ninja unfortunately he is not the good ninja like in Samurai Showdown or Samurai Warriors series. Overall, I like this episode and we are getting another member joining the group from the trailer.

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