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First Impressions: High School DxD Ep 2, Amagami SS Plus Ep 2, Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Ep 2 and Recorder to Randoseru Ep 2

Nagato Yuki?!
High School DxD Ep 2: Continued from last week, Risa appeared in the nude in Hisei's room and it startled his parents. Risa used her power to hypnotize to forget everything and they later went to school together. After school, Hisei was introduced to the rest of Risa's members who are also demons. She also explained that Yuma, the girl who murdered Hisei was a Fallen Angel and Hisei possessed a power that can eliminate the Fallen Angels. After doing some volunteer work, Hisei encountered another Fallen Angel and this time, he is able to summon that power-Sacred Gear and drove off the Fallen Angel. The next day, he met a rather clumsy nun...
Kazama from Scyred called and want back his power arm.

So Hisei possessed Sacred Gear which can be a threat to the Fallen Angel (or Anyone in fact) Yeah, I know the Fallen Angels are the angels who rebel against God and who were cast away by St Micheal to Earth. So why are they hunting demons because they are also evil in a way? Why did Hisei is so special? Never mind. We get to know the rest of Risa's members who are Akeno who is played by the ever lovely Itou Shizuka, the Loli Koneko and handsome boy Yuto. Each of them has special powers which we will see in the upcoming episodes.


Amagami SS Plus Ep 2: Tsukasa immediately dragged Junichi away from Kurosawa and entered the drill shed. Junichi thought she will reprimanded him but instead she kiss him. She already know Kurosawa's plot and blamed Junichi for being naive. Finally on the day of the polling results, Tsukasa won the election. After school, Junichi accidentally fell into the river after being chased by a dog and went to Tsukasa's house to shower. Then Tsukasa entered the room wearing a swimsuit and washed Junichi's back. They finally make up and kiss...
and more Kiss!

So as expected, Tsukasa and Junichi are together and this arc is concluded which is very predictable. We know from the end of the first season, they got married and had a daughter. So it is a bit of time wastage watching the process though some people love to see this kind of things. The only girl that I am probably interested is Haruka as she is the oldest in the group and her and Junichi come from two different worlds. But her arc is the last two episodes as next week is Rihiko's arc.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Ep 2: Hibiki wore a power suit similar to the late Kanade. She was unable to control her power until Tsubasa arrived and wipe the Noise aliens. After that, Hibiki was introduced the secret organisation battling the aliens. After a medical examination, it was discovered that Hibiki had some of Kanade's essence in her body and she took it well and promise to battle the Noise aliens. However Tsubasa didn't take it well and during their first battle, she raise her sword at Hibiki...

You know this show has all the cliques of an 80s OVA series. Alien invaders, the reluctant hero/heroine, the senior who is very cold hearted due to a tragedy and the best friend who is obviously going to get involved sooner or later. Tsubasa felt betrayed that Kandae is now "living" in Hibiki and the last scene at the end was definitely the last straw. Hibiki took it rather well to being a soldier but I guess it won't be a smooth journey after all. Aoi Yuki who played Hibiki also has her own battle song which is not as good as Mizuki Nana or Takayama Minami but hopefully there are also other battle songs in the future episode because it is starting to feel like Macross 7 with the same song played for more than ten episodes....

Recorder to Randoseru Ep 2: Not as funny as the first episode as it focus on Atsumi's daily interactions with Atsushi when they go shopping for food. Atsushi wished he is a normal kid while Atsumi wished she can grow taller. Overall, the only funny part is Atsushi wanting candy from Mr Bunny but he is mistaken as an adult and Atsumi got it instead.

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