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First Impressions: Aquarion Evol Ep 2, Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 2 and Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 2

Test: Do you get horny seeing her Ass?

Aquarion Evol Ep 2: Amata was introduced by Mikono's elder brother, Cayenne to Neo Diva-the academy where they trained young people who have elements in their bodies to pilot Aquarion. But Cayenne dislike him for being close with Mikono. Amata was put through many tests and found that he has the power of anti gravity. Mikono was not having it easy as she has no element abilities and no one befriend her.

A thousand apology!!!

Later Amata met Andy who is trying to dig a tunnel to the female dorm. When they reached the other side, Amata got excited seeing Mikono but place his head in between her legs. She was angry after that which later during a test simulation, Amata apologize to her on screen using a new skill-Dogeza Orz and it confused the drones and terminate the simulation. Meanwhile, the aliens now known as Abductors planned another attack while Kagura/Dark Apollo look at a comatose man who look like Toma from the original series.

I think I am getting to see some similarities from the original series. Amata is a calm Apollo, Mikono is a shy Silvia, Cayenne is a hot headed Sirius, Andy is Pierre with his horny thoughts, Zessica is a more positive Reika. I know there is a cleaner who look like Commander Fudou Gen from the original series but he is not voiced by Ishizuka Unsho but Fujiwara Kenta.

The military mentioned that "the same disaster" will repeat itself if they allowed mixed gender pilots on Aquarion which I hope they will explain in future episodes. I laugh at the scene when Amata used Dogeza Orz which is actually bowing your head to the floor in an apologetic manner and it totally corrupt the simulation. (This so-called skill is also used in Ranma 1/2 where Ranma and Genma apologize Akane for causing troubles.)

Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 2: After some doubtful answers as to why Ichika is in Kaito's house, his sister, Nanami agreed to let her stay during the summer holidays before she goes overseas. Kaito's childhood friend, Mio spread the news to everyone and they let themselves in at Kaito's house for their movie meeting. However the meeting was not going anywhere thanks to Lemon's special drink which make them all high. They even saw Ichika's pet alien Rinon but didn't take it seriously. Later Kaito suffered another pain in his body but Ichika healed him secretly.

I must be seeing things-A cute alien is dancing on my table.

I am getting deja-vu all over again for this episode. So instead of staying next door like in Onegai Teacher, Ichika stayed with him for the summer. Mio is obviously jealous of her which will spout a rivalry. Lemon is really Morino all over again including her infamous giggle which stole the show. She even claimed that she wrote the movie script twenty years ago which is also an indication that she suffered the same disease-Standstill-a psychological effect that unable to grow physically. Ichika is obviously an alien but unlike Kazama Mizuho, she is searching for a special place on earth but her spaceship is beyond repair and struck on earth for the thing being.

I bet that somewhere in the end, Ichika will be unable to heal Kaito fully as the pain will get worse and she has no choice but to reveal her true identify.

The benefits of being a child.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 2: The girls reintroduced themselves to Yuuta and they spend the whole day together. Yuuta had a dream of him and his sister taking a shower together in his younger days. Yuri and her husband returned and announced they are going overseas for a week and hope Yuuta can take care of the girls. The couple flew off while Yuuta spend time with the girls and even watch a meteor shower while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I thought Miu is suppose to do the homework herself.

However Yuri and her husband's plane crashed and were presumed dead. After the funeral, the relatives decided to separate the girls to different families. But Yuuta step in and volunteered to take the girls in...

As expected, the last scene was really tear-jerking for me. Yuuta have went through the same path as the girls as being an orphan at young and Yuri taking care of him despite being in middle school. The relatives of course are a bunch of jack-asses oppose the idea and Yuuta knew what is in store for him if he take care of the girls. Don't worry, it is not going to be complicated like Usagi Drops. As in future episodes, help will come in the form of Reika and that fat head of the social walking club from the first episode.

So it is decided that I will be doing reviews for Brave 10 and Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai on a regular basics. Brave 10 is shown on Saturday night so the review will be out on Sunday. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai is on Tuesday night so it will be up on Wednesday. Hopefully nothing goes wrong during these periods. For the rest of the shows, I will still see how the story goes and maybe I might drop a spoiler at the finale before the Spring shows begin.

Until then, see you in the next post!

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