Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Impressions: High School DxD Ep 1, Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Ep 1 and Area no Kishi Ep 1

Come to think about it, Risa looked like Tamaki from To Heart 2 with that pose.

A complete female stranger asked you for a date and you say YES?!
High School DxD Ep 1: Hisei is just your perverted teen who just want to get laid. He got a date with a mysterious girl who happen to be a Fallen Angel and was killed immediately. However he was revived by Risa Gremory, the school idol who is also a high level Demon and guess what, he got the shock (laugh) of his life when he found her sleeping in the nude beside him the next day and she told him that he is now a demon and her personal slave.

I thought it will be another stupid harem show but I like the pacing of it and furthermore with Hisaka Yoko playing Risa, Itou Shizuka and Taketatsu Ayana are also playing her slaves, I am all sold for this show. Hisei who is voiced by Kaiji Yuki is pretty all right although I am used to him playing heroic roles like Ryubi Gundam or Subaru from Ro-Kyo-Bu. The fan service is good but if you want to watch it, you have to watch on AT-X which is 95% uncensored.

Do you have to use BIG fonts for yor special attack!?

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Ep 1: The pacing is kinda of weird. First we show a girl moaning the death of her friend, Hibiki. Then two years ago, Hibiki witnessed a pop idol group-Zwei Wing wearing power suits and battling aliens called NOISE who can turn people into ashes. However one of the member, Kanade sacrificed herself to destroy the aliens. After that, Hibiki who was supposedly dead was revived and living a normal life. But this time, Hibiki found out that she inherited Kanade's power but could not control it...

It's that demon cat girl from Blaz Blue!

The aliens looked like the ones from Soukyu no Farfer with it's slimy design and translucent look. It leave a chill whenever they turn people into ashes. However I am having a nostalgia feeling as Kanade is voiced by Takayama Minami. Why? She is the vocal of the disbanded Two-Mix and hearing her sing again remind me of the Gundam Wing Openings which she did years ago. Together with Tsubasa who is voiced by the ever wonderful Mizuki Nana, they really wow me with their songs as they have to sing and battle at the same time. I am very sure that I am going to get their songs when they come out. (It has that high morale feeling making you want to kick some alien butt!)

Area no Kishi Ep 1: Suguru is the top soccer player in the team while Kakeru is his younger brother who become the manager but secretly desired to be play soccer again. Kakeru went to play soccer by himself when a mysterious figure called Mr Alien (He wear the grey alien mask) force Kakeru to play with him. The next day, Kakeru was ordered by Suguru to play in the field for the regular selection play-off which he reluctantly accept it...

The opening scene with Japan vs Brazil reminds me of the Captain Tsubasa series. Furthermore in Captain Tsubasa, Tsubasa was voiced by a female seiyu and Kakeru is also voiced by Sanpei Yuko who can do young male characters pretty well. Kakeru wished to be play with his brother was shattered to an accident that cause a fear of using his left leg again. From what I gathered, Kakeru will succeeded Suguru due to a tragic accident but after that, it is pure soccer action all the way. The Mr Alien part was kinda of silly and there were some funny moments from the team members. Maybe I should give the manga a shot first...

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