Friday, January 20, 2012

DIGI NEWS: Heroes Phantasia First Impressions (Might contain some spoliers!)

I just got the game and here is my initial thoughts of it.

Gameplay: When I first saw the promo video, I thought it will be turn based. However it is more similar to Tales of Series with the chain combo and button mashing. You control a four man party and there is offense turn and defence turn.

In Offense turn, each character you allocate to the four buttons on your PSP-Square, Triangle, Cross and Circle. Two characters will be on the front line while another two will be on rear line. However certain characters are pre-determined to be rear line like Lina Inverse, Melissa and Amelia who are magic and healing users. Louie and Gourry are front line but there are some who can be both offence and defence like your main male or female lead  (Eiji or Shinobu) They have a determined number of action points to use and you have to be careful who to attack or defend in each turn. Special attacks can be used by pressing L button and the determined character you have position in the buttons. It will depleted a certain amount of PP and 200 action points each time. A full animation can be seen and it is basically like watching a scene from the series.

In Defence turn, press R button to pause the timer and change the position of your characters by using the D-pad. It can save you as the enemy might hit a blind spot and less damage can be done. You can also press the four buttons to go defensive for your characters. However it will depleted a large chunk of your PP and sometimes, it will take a while to rise up again.

Graphics: It is cell-shaded with your usual 3D background and field. The talking scenes are basically cell from the original shows and there is some voice over in certain scenes.

Shinobu who used a Lancer

Eiji who used a Giant Spear and his parther, Michi

Story: You started with either choosing Eiji or Shinobu and you get to see some of the characters like Sgt Frog and gang battling plant creatures, Orphan battling Cobra from Sgt Frog. Then your main character who live in the world of REAL will actually met up with Kogoro (why can't I use the most awesome character in Sgt Frog?) and they went to investigate the HOLY Base from Scyred. After that, you met up with Lina, Gourry and the game's original character-a mage who teleport them to the World of Aruze (I am not sure that is the correct name) and your adventure begin.

It might be a bit different to understand the battle system but after some trial and error, I actually got the hang of it however the boss battles are tough and I died three times so far. Anyway, recommended for fans of anime as this is what we have been dreaming of. Cross-Over with our favourite heroes and I hope if they do a sequel, bring in more popular series to it and make it a franchise like Super Robot Wars!

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