Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Infinite Stratos OVA-Summer Blues

During Summer break, Charlotte arrived at Ichika's house but was too afraid to press the door bell. However Ichika has returned home from shopping and invite her in.

As Charlotte was feeling happy to herself, Cecilla was at the door with some cakes to share. She too was surprised to see Charlotte but remained composed.
The revival of Allies Force!?

Cecilla is a simple minded person to get satisfied so easily

The three of them tried the cakes which Ichika wanted to let them taste his cake. The two girls insisted of him spoon-feeding them which Ichika complied. They wanted to return the favor but this time, Houki, Rin and Laura has arrived and were annoyed.
Keep your cool, eat a senbi!

What do you want me to do? Coffee, Tea or Me?

Ichika tried to enterain the girls with a board game with hilarious results when Chifuya returned home. Ichika served her as the girls were filled with envy for Ichika taking care of his sister like a married couple. Chifuya decided to let Ichika serve the girls as she came up with an excuse and left the house. She also reminded Houki to visit her aunt at their family shrine.

Ichika suggested to go to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner. The girls agreed to cook but all disallow Cecilla from cooking. They went to the supermarket and Houki tried to tell Ichika to come visit her at the shrine festival a few days later but failed to say it out.
Rambo will be so proud of you, Laura!

Oden is eaten during Autumn not Summer...

The girls went back to Ichika's place and started to cook with Cecilla nearly destroy the kitchen and everyone looked surprised with Laura's Oden. Chifuyu was having a drinking session with Mayu and she felt that the girls are treating like a love rival for Ichika after what happen at the beach resort. Ichika and the girls later enjoyed their dinner together as time goes by...

Yeah, I know there is a shot of her with her nipple..

A few days later, Houki arrived at her family shrine and her aunt, Yukiko told her to prepare herself for the Kagura no Mai performance. She had a shower to cleanse herself and wondered if Ichika will come.

True enough, Ichika came which Houki was loss of words. Yukiko asked Houki to enjoy with Ichika but to come back for the performance.

They started to walk in the festival when Ran appeared and got Houki upset. However she kept her cool and the three began to enjoy the festival. After a while, Ran's brother Dan was looking for her and cause a ruckus. She left them and Houki later went to perform.
Houki maybe a tsudere but she is my favourite!

Her performance was stunning and left Ichika speechless. After the performance, they went to the hill and Ichika was glad that he came to IS academy despite everything that has happened and met her again. She sum up her courage to confess her love however her voice was muffled by the fireworks. Ichika asked her what she was trying to say but she refused but held his arms around her...

It has been six months or more since IS ended it's run and this OVA reminds me of why I like this show despite it's cliques. I read the novel based on it and it seems they are using the last two chapter of the novel for this OVA. The first two chapter if you want to know is Ichika being dragged by Cecilla and Rin into going an amusement park while Laura and Charottle cosplay as Maid and Butler in a cafe and even foiled a robbery. As expected like the last episode of IS, Houki is probably the one that Ichika can take her seriously however her confession failed which left Ichika a total dense.

So it is also announced that a second season is in the works and what to expect from it? First we get to see the strongest female Tatenashi Sarashiki, in the IS Academy who is from Russian and is the head of the student council and also the reveal of the mysterious group who is trying to kidnap Ichika and the mecha during the tournament.

More news will be up once I got the details. Until then, See you!

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