Friday, December 9, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 23-Alone

Shijou Takane-Spoke Person for Ramen
Haruka rushed off to the studio for the New Year rehearsal with the others. When she arrived, only Yukiho, Chihaya, Hibiki and Yayoi are there. The rest of the girls couldn't make it due to their busy schedules.

When Haruka went back to the office, only Kotori was around and later Akabane who showed the promo book for their New Year's concert. The next few days, everyone was busy and less people showed for the rehearsal.

Chihaya want to push back her overseas recording until the New Year concert ended but Haruka insisted of her going as it is a rare chance for Chihaya.
Even the dance moves are from Little Match Girl!

Even after Haruka, Yukiho and Makoto finished their performance, Haruka returned to the studio but no one came because of their schedules.
Hello, Wooden Chihaya!

After their Sunday's show, they received the news that next week will be the last episode and it will be cancelled. Everyone took it well expect Haruka. Later, She and Miki went to the musical rehearsal and auditioned for the female lead.

Haruka encouraged Miki to work together however Miki want to be the main lead as she want Akabane to accept her more. Haruka then went back to the office but only Takagi is around which upset her further.

The next day, Haruka's performances was bad while Miki was better. During the break, Akabane came and asked Haruka if she has any issues. However, Miki interrupted them and later went to get some refreshments.

Haruka was in a total loss and she nearly fell into a open trap door. Akabane pulled her up but fell in the trap door instead. He was seriously hurt and was rushed to the hospital.

In the hospital, Miki waited anxiously while Haruka cried in tears...

Wow, never expect that to happen! First thing first. Haruka always think of others before her and given that everyone has busy schedules, she still insist that everything will work well but it backfired which instead make her more bitter inside her. The final blow came when she tried to tell her feelings to Akabane but she was too weak to express it out. Then Miki who can be seen as ambitious knew that there can only one lead which she take it too seriously and I think she too can be a vicious woman if let say, Haruka got the lead and Miki started becoming a bitch.

Haruka could be suffering from insecurities which she insist that everyone should be together which can be seen as an obsession. (Sorry, Haruka Fans!) Well, now Akabane's fate is hanging by a thread and Haruka and Miki is sure to have one hell of a cat fight in the next episode...

P.S: My wish came true as Little Match Girl has finally make it's anime debut and the piano version of Relations while Haruka walking on the bridge is nice.

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