Friday, December 16, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 24-There's no place like Home

Everyone rushed to the hospital and the doctor informed that Akabane is out of danger however he need to be observed and no visitors for the time being.

Haruka went back for the audition and finally got the lead role. However she became obsessed with her work which she request from Ritsuko to cancel all her work and focus on the live concert. Ritsuko told her that it is impossible and even Miki told her that she will be betraying Miki for getting the lead role.

Haruka insisted that she will work harder after the concert which Miki asked her what is her purpose of being an idol? Haruka was stumped and had a nervous breakdown. She was given time off immediately to straighten things up.

The news of Haruka unwell was known to the girls and even the working staff. Haruka went out alone and saw Touma preparing for his concert. He is learning to work together with the working crew which he claimed that it was something that Haruka and the rest taught him.

Chihaya went to visit Akabane and she explained in a non-direct way that everyone used to be together as a family and Haruka always bring everyone to support one another however everyone got drift apart and Haruka felt a sense of responsibilities and burden in trying to bring back everybody.

Akabane advised her that sometimes family members might drift apart but in the end, they are still a family and everything will work well if they talk it out. Chihaya immediately requested for Ritsuko to gather everyone at the studio.

The girls arrived at the studio minus Miki and Ritsuko. Chihaya explained that they took Haruka for granted and not realising that she shouldered everything. They agreed that their work caused them to drift apart but their hearts is always thinking of everyone.

Haruka met some pre-schoolers and they recognize her instantly. She joined them in a singing session and realised that her purpose of being an idol is to have fun and sing with everyone. Her younger self appeared and brought her to the theatre where they have their first concert.

Back at the studio, Miki and Ritsuko arrived. Miki declined the offer of being Emcee of their new show. She claimed that although she love being an idol but she almost forget that her home is still with 765 Pro and she too want everyone to welcome her back anytime.

Haruka arrived at the theatre which she recalled the live concert. She was worried that everyone will be bothered by her "everyone being together". However her inner self told her that it will be all right cause everyone believe in her.

She walked back to town and saw everyone promoting the concert and telling Haruka that they are all waiting for her. She rushed back to the office and everyone welcome her with open arms...

So basically everyone took Haruka for granted and she too forgotten what is her reason of being an idol in the first place. For a moment, I thought Miki is going bitch-slap her when she want to stop being the lead role. (Thank god, that didn't happen but it will be fun to see it.)

This time, Chihaya returned a favor for Haruka and got everyone to realise what they have done. You could said that if Haruka didn't save her, she will still be living in despair. Like Chihaya, Haruka's inner child provide the hint for her to realise what she has been overlooking all this while and I like when the positive Haruka told her that everyone still believe in her.

So finally after 24 episodes, next week will be the last episode! Will Haruka find her dream? Will Miki win Akabane's heart? Will Chihaya be a real singer? Will Makoto be feminine? Will Yukiho overcome her fear of men and dogs? Will Hibiki find a new pet? Wil Yayoi overcome poverty? Will the Futami twins shut up? Will Iori stop being a spoilt brat? Will Asuza stop losing her sense of direction? Will Takane find out the secret of Ramen?

Until then, see you next week for the grand finale!


  1. Well, first i would like to know where do u come from, how old are you and i guess ure a girl right?! 2nd I love anime and like ur blog veryy much...thats all and be prepared for more comments from me :-)

  2. Hi, Ionycutza! Thanks for the compliments! Sorry to disappoint you but I am a guy and I am forever 25! But that does not stop me from loving anime ever!