Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 11-How should a King live?

Saber and Iris sensed Rider's presence approaching the castle. Thinking that Rider came to attack when Emiya has left, they prepared themselves.

Rider appeared and invite Saber for a drinking session. They sat down at the garden when Archer came in. Iris was angry with Waver at first but swore he has nothing to do with it. Rider was the one who invited Archer and he offered a drink to him.

Archer dislike the drink and offered them a fine wine bottle from his collection. After a round of drinks, Rider asked what is their desires if they got the Holy Grail. Archer has no interest however he claimed it as his own treasure as like all his other treasures he possessed in the past.

Rider want to use the Grail to be a normal human as being human, he will be able to conquer the world as a master than a servant. Saber want to relive her life as a king and to save her country. She felt that a king should think for her people however Rider argued that a king must be more ambitious and aggressive and the people should serve the king.

Saber claimed it will only make a king a tyrant. However Rider said that there is no absolute good or evil-only what a king should do so that people will be willing to serve him. Rider also stated even if Saber will to save the people, what good will it do if they are not willing to serve her and left to fend themselves.

Suddenly, a large of Assassins appeared and spoilt the session. Rider transported everyone in another dimension and used his Noble Phantasm-Ionian Hetaroi which his entire army appeared to aid him. They charge against the Assassins and kill several of them. The rest retreated and they returned back to the real world.

Rider advised Saber to think about how a king should rule and left while Archer want Saber to just follow her own beliefs and amuse him more. Saber told Iris that she recalled a knight left Camelot cause of her ruling and distrust among her men...

A very interesting talk among the three kings of how a ruler should live. Saber is thinking too much of her people however she does not how to inspire her men which explain her downfall as shown in a flashback. Rider as always is awesome although I agree that the people should serve the king however being greedy or too ambitious will also led to downfall which is in the case of Alexander.

Saber's desire to relive her life is also seen in FSN however her life is really a bitter one. She mentioned of a knight who flee Camelot due to her ruling is probably coming back to haunt her in further episodes and I am pretty sure that Archer's obsession for Saber will grow until FSN, of course by then Saber will have no memories of what transpired during this drinking session.

P.S. I agree that Rider's Noble Phantasm is by far the most overwhelming in the series. I mean if you see a entire legion charging towards you, it is time to head for the hills or bury yourself in the sands.

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