Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 12-A Gift for the Future

Tokiomi was informed by Kirei of Rider's Noble Phantasm and the death of Assassin. He began to plot for the next stage of the war.

Maya informed Emiya of their encounter with Rider and they are already moving to a new hideout. He was secretly spying on the other masters in the city. He knew that Tokiomi has not make a move, Kariya is behaving normally while Rider and Waver are always on the move. Caster has not been sighted however more children has been disappearing. Emiya does not know Lancer's new master and finally Kirei who he believed is plotting something against him despite losing Assassin.

Kirei returned to his office as Archer is enjoying his wine. He asked Kirei what happened if a Master lose a Servant. He explained that the Master will retreated to the church and his command seals is returned to the Holy Grail which also explained why the Masters are trying to kill one another.

Saber drove Iris to their hideout. Maya passed the keys of the house before leaving. They entered the house and Iris want a room which she can do her magic. Saber suggested the shed behind and Iris loved the place. She ordered Saber to carry their stuff which she suspected amiss.

Iris explained that her body is deteriorating as she is a Homunculus. Saber promised to aid her and Iris ordered her to draw a magic circle in the shed.

Yeah, Someone told me Archer has the eye of Sauron!

Archer taunt Kirei in enjoying pleasure as Kirei has been spying on Kariya without realising he enjoying people in pain. However Kirei claimed it is a sin and furthermore inhuman to react in that manner. Suddenly his hand felt pain and the command seals was imprinted on his hand. He does not understand why however Archer claimed that Kirei has some unknown desires which the Holy Grail has give him another chance and influence him to take this chance...

Like how Darth Sidious influenced Anakin Skywalker into the Dark Side, Archer has already make Kirei his slave and I wonder how did the Holy Grail knew what Kirei want? If I had a nickle, I should said that the Holy Grail is the real evil in this whole war. So Kirei will eventually betray Tokiomi and his father to become the new judge in FSN but that is another story.

Speaking of FSN, we always wonder why was there a magic circle in the shed when Shiro summoned Saber? Now the answer is revealed that it was Saber who drew the circle and infused it with Mana. Furthermore Iris's body is failing which will spell trouble in the future.

Well, with one more episode to go before Fate Zero take a three months' break before returning in April, I hope it will end well and not a cliffhanger that make us wait in agony.

P.S. I will be previewing the Winter Anime titles in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

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