Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 25 FINAL-Until we meet again!

Kotori went to visit Akabane in the hospital which is also the same day as the girls' concert. Akabane was worried about them and asked Kotori for a favor.

The girls were preparing themselves backstage and Haruka and Miki had a pep talk. She told Miki that she now know what is being an idol meant to her-To enjoy with everyone together on stage. Miki agreed and so does Chihaya who was outside listening.

Takagi gave some advices to the girl when Akabane and Kotori arrived. They welcome him which he apologize for not being with them during the rehearsal. He also spoke to Haruka and knew what she have went though the last few weeks. But he was glad that she overcome it and wish her well.

The concert begin with the girls singing a remix of "Ready and Change!!!" to get the show going. After several songs, the girls thanks the fans for everything and welcome Ritsuko who was tricked into coming onstage.

She joined them and sang their finale song-"However Long, However Far." The fans love it and even Kotori cried in joy for the girls' success.

A week later, Akabane returned to the office with welcome arms. Miki told him that their Sunday show got a new season and her musical with Haruka is going National. Takagi announced that they are moving to a new office building which he got it cheap however when they saw on the news that the building they are supposed to get is from Kuroi and he denied selling the building despite claims that he is going bankrupt.

The girls forget it and celebrate at the park enjoying the cherry blossoms trees. Akabane was using the new wallet that Haruka gave to him which make Miki jealous. Haruka was embarrassed and everyone laughed. They finally ended with everyone taking a photo with Akabane to remember the occasion.

Final Thoughts: After six months, we finally reach the end of one of the most underrated shows this year! When I first heard of they are doing the Idolmaster anime, my mind keep thinking of Idolmaster Xenoglossia which is a real disaster flop. So I started watching the first episode and was scratching my head as they show Akabane's POV and he never spoke till the end of the episode.

I give myself two more episodes and after that, I was sold to the show due to it's colorful characters and good pacing. The highlight was the first live concert episode and Chihaya's comeback which really make me glad that I never miss this show.

So let's talk about what I think of the three main girls. Haruka is the De-Facto leader bringing everyone with her positive attitude. Although the last two episodes, she was in the brink of a break-down, I am glad that Chihaya help her back on her feet. Despite being one of the most boring characters, Chihaya showed that she is as good as anyone and being the best vocalist, her performances was outstanding especially her episode. Like I said before, once her single is out, I am going to get it.

Miki is the most lively among the three girls. She started off as a slacker who despite being talented was not motivated. Her motivation only begin when Ryuuga Komachi debuted and after being consoled by Akabane, she pull herself together and became one of their most popular idols. The only downside, she is a very straight forward person and the scene with Haruka at the musical indicate that she is very ambitious. I was expecting her to go bitch-slap on Haruka but it didn't. I also doubt that Akabane will really take her seriously after being called "Honey" many times.

The rest of the cast was fun to watch. From Makoto's secret desires to be more feminine, Yukiho overreacting to anything negative, Yayoi's happy cheer, the Futami twins' pranks, Hibiki's fun-going, Takane's charm, Iori's stuck-up attitude and Asuza's klutz. The girls brought something special and like Akabane said, it won't be 765 Pro without anyone of them.

So what will happen now? If the sales are good, we might get an OVA featuring the girls or even the Dearly Stars trio who appeared at the end of the episode. Anyway this is one of the best show this year and it got my approval in my top ten list!

Like how the show ended with the words-"See you again", we thanks the girls of 765 Pro and everyone in the cast for a great finale and to all who are celebrating Christmas tonight, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

P.S: The last few screenshots are not in order but I prefer to put it this way so to make it a more memorial for everyone to remember the girls one last time.

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