Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hidan no Aria OVA-A Midsummer's Nightmare

Kinji and his friends went for a training camp organised by their teacher, Tsuzuri in a countryside inn. They drove along the fog-covered hills and after a heavy rain session, they finally arrived at the countryside.

Let's do a threesome in the forest!

Riko started teasing Kinji which make Shirayuki desperate for Kinji. Aria was pissed off by their behaviour while the rest ignore them.
Is this how you greet your old friend?

They finally arrived at the village but strangely, no one is around. They went to the inn and was "welcome" by the lady owner of the inn who is an old friend of Tsuzuri.

The owner is a former Butei and she is already in her 60s despite looking young. The girls went to the hot spring which Riko and Jeanne teased Shirayuki about her big breasts. Aria was very annoyed by it until they saw the lady owner joining them. (Her breasts is the biggest in the group)

Mutou tried to peek at the girls but the lady owner caught him. Kinji ignored him and left the spring without knowing someone is watching them.
Even the dog is posing!

After Aria and Jeanne played some table tennis, they returned to their room where they realised Jeanne is missing. They heard Mutou screaming and rushed to him. They then saw Jeanne unconscious and placed with some statues in the garden.

You wonder what happen to these two before being tied up?

Jeanne regained conscious but has no memory of what happen. Mutou went missing too and they found him on the rooftop. The group tried to find Tsuzuri but shocked when they saw her and the lady owner unconscious and in bondages.

Oh look, it's the EVIL DEAD!

They realised someone is around and saw a little boy in the room. They gave chase to the boy and ended in a room full of dolls. Kinji and Aria discovered the rest are missing when suddenly a hideous hand grabbed them and the world turn blank...

Even Riki who is calm got freak out by the incident!

They woke up and realised they are back in their vehicle. Somehow, the village was filled with people and the group has a sense of deja vu when they are welcome by the same owner of the inn and even told her about her age and former occupation which she wondered how do they knew it?

The group realised something strange is going on...

It was nice to see Kinji, Aria and the rest of the group back in this OVA. Yeah, this is something which Kindachi or even some Love Hina episode might encounter as they are dealing with something supernatural. Though I wonder how come Shirayuki who has spirtual senses could not feel it? Anyway, I can't get enough of Riko and Shirayuki's attempts on getting with Kinji and Aria being the annoying brat as she was, was suprisingly had little focus in this episode.

The lady owner who is voiced by Horie Yui (Millhore! Hope to see you in Dog Days S2!) was cool and sexy. Yeah, especially if you watch enough hentai about Hot Springs Inn, the owner is usually a female and a MILF. (Just Kidding!)

Anyway, I heard that this is the first of a two-parter so we probably have to wait for the next OVA to find out what is going on. (I know they are going for the Ju-On kid but seriously this kid isn't scary.)

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  1. Are you kidding me?! You seriously said that this kid isn't scary. It gives me the chills! As shakespeare said "Don't the judge the book by its cover"...