Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 5-I am Berserker! Hear Me Roar!

Rider appeared in front of Saber and Lancer and asked for an alliance to get the holy grail and conquer the world. Both of them rebutted immediately. Archibald spoke in the shadow to Waver for stealing the relic of Iskandar.

Rider dislike Archibald for being a coward and admire Waver's spirit in riding with him. Rider knew there are other servants watching the fight and demanded them to appear. Archer appeared due to his ego, claiming that he is the only true king of the world.

Suddenly, Kariya summoned Berserker which annoyed Archer. He activated his noble phantasm-the Gate of Babylon and fire at Berserker. He countered the attack by grabbing one of the sword and destroying the other.

Archer continued to fire Berserker which Tokiomi used his seal to withdraw Archer. Berserker went straight for Saber who is still affected by Lancer's curse. Lancer tried to intervene however Archibald used his seal and order him to kill Saber.

Rider step in and knocked off Berserker who retreated immediately. He announced that he will face the winner of their duel the next time they meet. Everyone retreated as Saber told Iris that she must defeat Lancer in order for her curse to be uplifted.

Kariya cursed himself for letting Berserker attacking Saber while Caster claimed that Saber is the woman that he is searching for...

Not as good as the previous episode but you can tell that a good servant and a bad master will definitely have conflicts. Archibald is a jerk while Lancer is a honorable warrior who fight fairly. Archer is just being arrogant and not using his head. Rider is still awesome with his speeches and I giggled that Waver fainted after the battle. Finally we finally get to see Berserker as he is wearing a black knight armor with red eyes like a Trigon. Kariya is probably poisoned as he is struggle to control Berserker which I think he is not going to last very long. Now Caster has his eyes on Saber which I think he is going to mistake her for Joan of Arc due to their similar characteristics.

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