Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 13- Flash Grenade: A Mind Reader's weakness

Bunny entered the stadium to face off Jake. Tiger, Sky High and Rock Bison are in medical care with Origami watching them. 

Bunny began to fight Jake without using his power but could not lay a hit on Jake. Sky High and Rock Bison woke up and watch the battle. They received a call from Agnes who instructed the remaining heroes to destroy the robots surrounding the pillars once the jammers are activated.

Tiger woke up and want to fight but Blue Rose reprimanded him to help Bunny in his battle. She and the remaining heroes went to their check point while Tiger thought for a moment. Jake taunt Bunny claiming that he has two powers and it was his second power that defeated the heroes. Finally, Tiger knew what Jake was talking about.

Tiger used his powers to heal his injuries and gave a call to Saito. Blue Rose and the others ambushed the robots after the jammers were activated but the robots were on auto defence mode and started attacking them instead. Finally Bunny used his powers but still couldn't hit Jake. He was knocked out to the roof of the stadium where Tiger saved him.

Tiger claimed that Jake has super hearing and instructed Bunny to use this super sonic grenade created by Saito on Jake. Bunny refused at first but when he saw blood on the grenade, he realised that Tiger is still injured.

Jake fired again and Bunny threw the grenade at him. It activated, releasing a sonic sound but it didn't  affect Jake. Jake fired at the grenade, this time releasing a flash bomb which blinded him. Bunny took the chance and kicked him hard at the ribs.

Jake was down and Bunny held him by the neck, planning to kill him. But he held back and want Jake to repent his crimes in jail. Blue Rose and the others defeated the robots and ruined their plans. Kriem tried to rescue Jake and he tried to escape from them.

Tiger used his rope to catch his arm and was hanging on it. Jake tried to shoot Tiger but miss and fire onto Kriem's helicopter. The helicopter was damaged and it came crashing onto Jake, killing him. Bunny asked Tiger about why he lied about Jake's super hearing. Tiger replied that Jake can read mind as he called out his real name, Kotetsu in his battle. Tiger never reveal his name before so he deduced that Jake must have read his mind.

The people of the city cheered for Bunny and Yuri who was watching all this time, claimed that Evil is destined to be destroyed in the end. The heroes congratulate Bunny only and not Tiger which annoyed him a bit. They then went to visit Sky High and the others in the hospital and Bunny finally called Tiger his real name-Kotetsu.

So that's the end of the Ouroboros Arc which ended with the death of Jake who is a tough opponent for our heroes. But all it took was a flash grenade which distracted Jake to end the crisis. Finally Bunny show respect to Tiger by calling his real name which is a good sign for their partnership. So with Ouroboros defeated, who will be the next big challenge for our heroes and Yuri aka Lunatic still haunt the city with his vigilantes.

Anyway the next episode has some character development for Tiger and Blue Rose and maybe sparks will fly or the cold shoulders effect?    

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