Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 11 & 12 FINAL-Are we in a Twilight Movie? (Riko's Return Arc)

Ep 11: After training with Riko, Kinji and Aria are ready to infiltrate Vlad's mansion. The duo waited for Riko at the train station and she disguised as a office lady named Kana which Kinji was starlted for a moment.

They arrived at the mansion and found that Sayonaki is a tenant of the place. He claimed that Vlad is not around and a housekeeper is needed for the place.

Sayonaki explained that he lived here so that he can conduct his experiments in the basement. Kinji and Aria began their work and after 13 days, Riko called them and want them to steal the rosary which is in the basement. Aria asked Kinji of who is Kana but he refused to answer which annoyed her a bit.

The next day, Aria brought Sayonaki out to the garden as a distraction while Kinji sneaked down to steal the rosary. After some fake seduction from Riko who mimic Aria's voice, he successfully got the rosary. Later, they left the mansion after that without Sayonaki rising any suspicious.

That night, Aria handed the rosary to Riko. But she turned heel and claimed that the rosary will give her more power to defeat Aria...

Ep 12: Riko was about to battle them when suddenly she was tased by Sayonaki. He was accompanied by two grey wolves which Kinji realised the he was the one who send the wolf to attack them in school. Sayonaki claimed that he knew their plan all along and was just waiting for the chance to defeat them.

The wolves attacked them but Kinji defeated them using the same method Riki did. Sayonaki told to a stunned Riko that he experimented on her years ago and used her blood to create a more superior being. He took back the rosary and stuffed the fake one into her mouth. Kinji shouted to him to stop and then Sayonaki began to mutant into his real form-A werewolf and reveal his real name-Vlad the Endless Sin.

Aria used her katanas while Kinji saved Riko. He brought her to a helipad and asked Riko to leave after giving back the rosary from Vlad. Riko told him Vlad's last weak point which is the chest. Kinji proceed to help Aria and fire at Vlad's four points. However it didn't work and Kinji lost his Hysteria mode after Vlad gave a loud roar.

Vlad tried to hit Aria with a steel rod but Kinji blocked it and fell off the rooftop. Luckily Riko save him and rescue Aria in the second round. Riko licked on Aria's neck causing Kinji to get excited and activate Hysteria mode.

They landed back to the rooftop and Kinji instructed them to fire at Vlad's weak points again. Aria do not understand why he want to fire again but he told them to trust him. Vlad appeared and they fire again but this time Kinji fire a round inside Vlad's mouth.

This cause Vlad to be in pain and was defeated. Kinji explained that Vlad blocked his mouth the first time they fire so he suspected that he is protecting his mouth even though he has self-healing abilites. Riko thank them however she fled the scene but promise that they will meet again.

A few days later, Aria and Kinji went shopping and she received a call stating that Riko has agreed to testify for Aria's mother. She got too excited and drop her breast pads. Kinji didn't know what it is and Aria beat him to a pulp...

Final Thoughts: So the ending was a little bit anti-climax though they defeated EU's no 2 man, Vlad. When I first watched it, I thought it was like Shakugan no Shana with guns. But it is pretty good with Kinji being a very competent person though he need to be sexually aroused to do that. But it was cool like James Bond with a timer on it. I mean he evade bullets like dancing and can give several anime characters with guns a run for their money. (Though the best marksman in anime history is still Sabea Ryo of City Hunter)

Aria has come about as being annoying like Shana or Louise. Though the title card is about her but she does nothing but give problems for Kinji. He should just dump her and go with Shirayuki or Riki instead. But no, he want to be with the loli with pink hair and a weakness over Momo bun. Seriously, what is it with loli with flat breasts anyway in anime these days? Where are all the real women?!

Anyway, it is the end of this season and according to the author, if you want a second season, buy the show on dvd and blu-ray. So hope you like it and hope to see more adventures of Aria and Kinji soon! (By the way, who is Kana?)

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  1. Kana, my favourite character is actually kinji's older brother. His older brother gets into Hysteria mode by cross-dressing as a beautiful girl named Kana.