Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dog Days Ep 13 FINAL-Someday...

Shinku and Millhore took a last walk at the field before he return. He promise her that he will return during the summer holidays.
Don't worry, you are playing as a vampire next month!

Later, he visited Rico who is still trying all ways to regain Shinku's memories. He told her it was all right and gave his multi-colored pen and speakers to Rico.

He later gave his cell phone strap to Yuki and he was finally escorted to Eclair to the summoning stage. As they walked to the stage, Shinku gave her his wrist band as a mementos. Eclair blushly accepted it and she too figure out that he won't come back again. Shinku replied that he will never forgot everyone here however Eclair put up a strong front and gave an excuse that she will be busy in her daily life after he is gone.

Shinku arrived at the stage and was greeted by Millhore and her dog, Tatsumaki. As they began the ceremony, both became emotional and Millhore confessed her love to him. The summon began and Shinku was sucked back to the sky.

Both refused to let go but it was too strong and Shinku too confessed his love for Millhore before he disappeared.

Nanami look cute and she is voiced by Nana Mizuki too! (Rico is also voiced by her.)

When he woke up, he was back in his house and Becky came to visit him. She found him in tears and later he claimed to have forgotten something important. But he ignored it and they went to visit his parents and his cousin, Nanami for a camp outing.

Back in Biscotti, Rico received some summoning books from Noel and there was a letter in it. She read the contents and immediately rushed out to Yuki, Eclair and Millhore. The letter claims that Shinku's memories were sealed up when he returned but it can be restored within six months. Shinku must also left mementos to three different people and also a promise to return.

Rico arrived at Millhore's chamber and ask if Shinku ask her to promise anything. She was given a box before he left and they opened the box. It was Shinku's watch and a letter stating their names and a promise to return. Rico burst in joy and confirmed that Shinku will be able to come back!

You know this pose is illegal..

Back in the real world, Shinku saw Tatsumaki and a letter on his collar. He opened the letter and it was his magic ring, Paladion. Suddenly he remembered everything in Biscotti and celebrated with Becky and Nanami.

The news is spread to everyone in the other world, all waiting for Shinku to return one day. Shinku trained with Nanami as Millhore was at the summoning stage, smiling to herself knowing that he will return someday.

Final Thoughts: When it was first shown, I thought it is a parody of Takashi's castle and an odd take on the cats and dogs people who are mortal enemies in general. But then it became an interesting story of Leon planning to conquer Biscotti in order to change Millhore's fate. I though it was a third faction who is trying to dis sow them. But it was just some stupid fortune telling that caused everything.

I like the characters especially Leon, Rico and even the three followers of Gaul. Shinku was all right and a pretty optimistic male lead. Unlike Saito from Zero no Tsukaima who knocked heads with Louise. (Thank god, there is no Kugimiya Rie character in this show.)

The fan service was all right with nothing extreme or over-done. The actions could be more better as this is supposed to be a fantasy series. So what now? A season two? Depends on the creators and the response from the fans. If they do have a new season, I hope they bring in Nanami and Becky for the ride and a better plot next time. So I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do and hope for the best just like Millhore who wait patiently Shinku's return. (But the way, who send that letter to Rico anyway?)

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