Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saint Seiya returns on PS3! (Feel the Cosmos in your PS3!)

An announcement was make on this week V-Jump magazine and Saint Seiya is coming to the PS3 in a beat-them up game!

Titled Saint Seiya Senki and from the looks of it, they are starting from the Twelve Gold Saints Arc (Again!) as they are wearing the first bronze clothes in the beginning. Anyway, Saint Seiya is one of those over-the-top anime in the 80s during the same era where Dragonball and Hokotu no Ken were running the airwaves.

It has a good story plot, the characters are interesting and the fighting were really extreme back then (Though Hokoto no Ken is violent in the visual department, Saint Seiya gave mind attacks each time a character get blown away!)

The details are still sketchy but it is coming this Fall and hopefully they could do the following arcs-the Asagrd Arc, the Poseidon Arc and of course the Hades Arc. (I mean it is a PS3 blu-ray!)

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