Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dog Days Ep 12- The Next Three Days

Shinku and the others returned back to Biscotti and was given a hero's welcome. Rico excused herself to the academy and spoke to her researchers. They found a way to bring Shinku back home however there are four conditions to fulfill.
First was Millhore must do the ritual, second was they have three days left to do the ritual, third, Shinku cannot bring anything back to his world.
Don't cry, Rico. You still sing the theme song every week!

Finally Shinku will forget everything when he returned home which she broke the news to him. Rico was upset that he will forget everyone after all the time he is here. Shinku took it calmly and told Rico he will find a way to remember everyone before he return.

Leon is HOT!

Gaul told Leon that he is visiting Shinku the next day and she will visit Millhore the following day. Rico told Millhore about Shinku's returning home without telling her Shinku's mind wipe.

The next day, Shinku played with Millhore in the morning and he show her his prize watch which he won in the Iron Athletic. Later, he practice with Eclair and then a visit to Brioche.

He found out that Yukikaze is a real deity and Brioche took her when her parents were killed by monsters. After practicing with Brioche, Shinku met with Gaul and his trio.
Let's torture the Rabbit!

They played in the castle and Vert accidentally dropped juice on Shinku. He went to take a bath but went to the female bathroom by accident.

Here, doggy!

Millhore was in the same room and after changing into a swimsuit, they took a bath together. Millhore hope that he will return again to Biscotti and bring his friends, Rebecca and Nanami the next time. That night, Shinku was pondering of how to break the news before he leave.
Here, Kitty!

Leon came to visit them and later they had a party for Shinku. He was asked to give a speech and thank everyone for everything they done for him...

So will Shinku forget everything when he return back to his own world? Rico is trying everything to change it. Two things could happen. One, Shinku stay in Biscotti. Two, he go back but somehow found a way to come again. What do you think will happen in the next episode which is most probably the finale.

P.S. Leon is hot in her nightgown and she is cute when Millhore cuddle her!

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