Monday, June 20, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 12-Wheel of Heroes

Origami's cover was blow and tried to escape. Jake shoot him down and gave an evil smile. The heroes assembled near the hideout and Bunny volunteered to scout ahead.

He proceed to the hideout but then Tiger dashed in and caught "Jake." However it was Origami and he was knocked out cold. Jake and Kriem appeared and blow the place out. The heroes escaped in time and brought Origami to hospital. Bunny blamed Tiger for barging in without thinking and told him he cannot trust someone who can't trust his own partner.

Jake and Kriem later killed Chuckman and appeared in front of the Mayor. He taunt them and want Agnes to broadcast them live to the citizens. Jake announced that he will like to play with the heroes. If anyone could defeat him, he will withdraw all the robots in the city. His first opponent is Sky High and he accept it.

Sky High take on Jake but he has a barrier which protect him from Sky High's attacks. Jake then defeated him and chained him to a statue for display. Next was Rock Bison and he too was defeated and chained up.

Now came Tiger and he tried everything to take Jake down. During this time, Origami woke up and informed the Mayor and Mr Maverick that Kriem is using a communicator to control the Mad Bears in the robots. Mr Maverick suggested to place signal jammers all over the city however it will take the whole night to position them.

Tiger finally used up his energy but continue to fight on. Finally he landed a kick on his face which angered Jake. Agnes interrupted and lied to Jake that the ratings are low at night and call for a time-out. Jake agreed and Tiger was rescued and was sent to the hospital.

The next morning, Jake choose his next target and it is Bunny...

Jake is really crazy and he hate the city for exploiting the NEXT into reality shows stars. He is something like Magneto who believe that NEXT should be the one ruling the world. Furthermore, his powers is really strange from firing beams and create barriers, even the information of how he was captured were unknown as only Mr Legend is the only one who defeated him. So how did Tiger managed to land a kick on Jake? Maybe there is a way to defeat him which Bunny better realise it soon. 

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