Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 6-The Birds and the Bees (Durandal Arc Chapter 1)

Shirayuki Hotogi barged into Kinji's dorm and started to fight with Aria. She blamed Aria for seducing Kinji and Aria tried to shoot her. Shirayuki used her sword skill deflect the bullets. Aria realised that she is a Choutei-A detective using ESP abilities and Shirayuki is the successor of the Hotogi Shrine.

The two girls fought to a standoff. Shirayuki demand an answer from Kinji about his relationship with Aria. Although he replied that they are partners but they did let out that they kiss once. Shirayuki was freaked out while Aria claimed she won't get pregnant ever though she kiss with Kinji which was what her father told her about the birds and bees.

The next day, Aria found out the truth of the birds and bees and beat the crap out of Kinji. During the break, Aria started to train Kinji in stress training claiming that it will release Kinji's potential. However it didn't work and all it got was him getting hit in the head by Aria.

They heard that Shirayuki was called by her teacher. They eavesdropped and found out she is being targeted by a master criminal, Durandal. Aria immediately volunteer to be her bodyguard however Shirayuki demanded Kinji to be her bodyguard too and she immediately stayed in Kinji's dorm.

Later, Aria explained to Kinji that Durandal is responsible for her mother's crimes and is determined to capture the criminal. She knew that Shirayuki dislike her and even tried to set traps for her in school.

Kinji recalled his childhood days with Shirayuki and she was always sheltered in the shrine until he sneak her out to see the world however she is given another nickname-"A Bird in the Cage".

Kinji began to escort Shirayuki and later in the dorm, she received a call claiming to be Kinji however he was in the shower all the time. Shirayuki, embarrassed by a half naked Kinji, apologise however she began to strip her clothes to punish herself. Kinji stopped her but Aria has the wrong idea and shoot him out of the window...

I laugh at Aria's innocent thinking about Sex and her father really gave her the wrong idea. Shirayuki is the jealous type and called Aria a thieving cat rather than a bitch or slut (Which most Jealous girls will call it) However I found her bad-ass as she deflect the bullets like a light saber. She can be a nice housewife but her jealous level is really dangerous as she set traps for Aria which include a piano wire and a knife in Aria's shoe locker. The mysterious criminal, Durandal will be appearing soon and hope another action story will begin again. From what I heard, Durandal is not a he but a she?!

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