Monday, May 9, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 6-Strike A Pose!

A mysterious fire killed 3 prisoners in a cell. The next day, during Bunny's photo shoot, he recognize the 3 death prisoners were the same ones they caught in the first episode.

Tiger was sent to the prison to assist Fire Emblem in the murder case. Emblem is being suspended due to suspicious to the murders. After several tests, Emblem was unable to prove his innocence.

As they left the prison, another prisoner was burned by the same flame. Tiger tried to save him but failed. Later, Bunny was still looking for leads to his parents' murders. He asked people if they saw anyone with the Ouroboros mark as it was the only thing he saw on his murderer's hand.

Later, Emblem gave a lift for Tiger and he dropped a few streets away from his home. Suddenly a giant robot attack Tiger and he tried to call Bunny for help but he refused to listen, thinking it was another prank.

He call to a nearby Emblem and they tried to take down the robot. They managed to destroy the cockpit and it reveal a man inside it. The pilot escaped as Bunny and the Action Trailer arrived.

The heroes gathered in the trailer and Tiger suddenly remember the pilot as the same person who tried to blow up the new tower building a few weeks ago. Now the suspect is trying to kill their director, Agnes as she saw his face before the bombing. Tiger and the others arrived to save her and they defeated him.

Suddenly Bunny saw the Ouroboros mark on his neck and questioned him aggressively. He broke free and held Agnes hostage.

Suddenly a blue flame arrow killed him. The heroes then saw a mysterious masked man with a cross bow on a rooftop...

I believe Bunny has an agenda of being a hero. He want to find his parents' killers which also caused him to be very agitate over the Ouroboros mark. Several people has the mark which I believe they are part of a bigger group. The mysterious masked man look like a court jester and what is his motives for killing these criminals? Things are getting really interesting...

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