Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiger and Bunny Ep 5-Good Luck Mode!

Tiger was brought by the court and was fined after damaging a building while catching criminals. Bunny ignored him until a fan wish him happy birthday which Tiger realised it is Bunny's birthday tomorrow.

The next day, Tiger told the other heroes of Bunny's birthday and decided to plan a surprise party for him. Tiger tried to find out what Bunny want and he say it out of convenience that he want a diamond necklace known as "Tears of Hercules" that was displayed in a museum.

A villain (I don't know what his name is so I just called him Big Diamond) who has diamond skin planned to steal the necklace. Tiger and the others mock a fake robbery to surprise Bunny while at the same time, Bunny receive a cake from his former maid.

Big Diamond stole the necklace while Tiger called Bunny for the mock robbery. He arrived and the heroes tried to get into their roles after a slip up by Tiger. Both of them arrived at the alley and confronted Big Diamond, thinking that it was Sky High in the role. Big Diamond shoot them with a real gun and escaped with his henchmen.

The heroes realised that it was a real criminal and immediately chase him. Tiger and Bunny suit up and their developer, Saito informed that their suits has a special "present" for Bunny's birthday. The other heroes captured the henchmen while the duo battle Big Diamond.

They tried to break Big Diamond but it was too tough and they are losing powers fast. At the last second, their suits activate "Good Luck Mode" and they destroyed Big Diamond's skin. Saito explained that it wasn't the Mode that defeated Big Diamond but it was the teamwork that defeated him. Tiger presented Bunny Big Diamond as his birthday present and he gave a small smile.

As the heroes packed up, a mysterious man watch amidst the crowd...

Tiger tried his best to bring the other heroes for Bunny's birthday but were not enthusing. Sky High agreed to the party and everyone follow his lead. I feel sorry for Tiger but being the top hero has it's advantage. I can understand Bunny for not wanting a party. His parents is dead and his former maid bake a cake for him. Maybe Tiger is the answer for Bunny's coldness. That mystery man is a possible super villain or mastermind which probably will give the heroes big trouble in the future.

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