Monday, May 9, 2011

Dog Days Ep 6-Isn't that "Ninja Warrior?"

Millhore gave awards to her knights for their successful battles and things were peaceful for a few days.

Shinku and Rico delivered lunch for the knights and he even had a friendly duel with Eclair. Both of them battle to a standstill and Shinku pat her head as a gesture. She punched him in the stomach after that.

Shinku later went to visit Brioche for a fishing trip and even had lunch with her and Yukikaze. Brioche explained that Summoned heroes could go back to their own world if their mission here is fully completed.

Shinku and Brioche returned back to the kingdom and they parted ways. He was washed thoroughly by the maids and he went for a night tea session with Millhore. Shinku asked her why he was chosen to be the hero. She explained that she can read "star readings" which enable a user to see a future.

She saw Shinku in a game show called "Iron Athletic" and was amazed by his performances. Shinku explain that he end up in 2nd place and his relative and rival, Nanami was the champion. Millhore replied immediately that she want him more than Nanami and they felt awkward after that.

Meanwhile Brioche and Rolan were discussing of Leon's aggressive actions to the country and suspect it could be related to be the dark forces roaming outside the country. Leon in her own chamber, used the star readings and discovered that Shinku and Millhore will die in 30 days. She decided to go against these predictions and called upon a relic called Flambert in her chamber...

Now Leon's reasons of why she constantly attacking Biscott is really scary. In her heart, she really care for Millhore and is doing all she can to save her. But what was the cause of their death? Is war really the answer to save her and Shinku? Like what Brioche said, something sinister could be at work. Oh yeah, Iron Athletic is a parody of Ninja Warrior or Sasuke game show. The big tower climb is definitely a giveaway!

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