Monday, May 2, 2011

Dog Days Ep 5- What's with the Chibi Characters during the battle?

The fight continue as Eclair battle Gaul's Trio guards-The Genoise however she underestimated the trio as a group of bimbos but they are giving her a tough fight. Shinku fought Gaul till their weapons broke.

Gaul used his magic seal and tried to take him down but Shinku managed to protect himself but not after getting injuries on his head.

Shinku figure out his own magic seal and continue battling Gaul. Leon arrived and battle Brioche. She questioned Leon over her continuous invasion of Biscott.

Leon loathed Millhore's idea of having non-violent events in the country which make Millhore a weak ruler. Leon then defeated Brioche but knew she was holding back.

Leon punished the Genoise and Gaul for starting the war and even apologise to Millhore. However the concert is about to start and it will take an hour to reach there. Shinku has an idea of carrying Millhore and used his seal to bring her as fast as he can.

Shinku created a hover board and let Millhore sat on it. She confessed that she is still inexperienced as a ruler and Shinku to unable to return home. He took it easy and told Millhore that he enjoy being here.

Millhore arrived at the concert and started performing. Shinku used up all his magic, laid down and listen to her singing...

First thing, are they really treating this show seriously? The chibi characters during the battles make it unable to focus the story. However Leon's motives of why she constantly invade Biscott is an interesting mystery. Perhaps something happen to her which cause her coldness to Millhore. Even though she apologise to Millhore, her heart showed little care for her. A ruler with a cold heart? Perhaps so...

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