Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Kamen Rider: Riders Generations coming to NDS! (Thank god it's not 3DS!)

After three sequels of Climax Heroes, Bandai decided to go out with a Bang and now you get to play not just the Heisei Riders but the Showa Riders as well! It's in NDS also otherwise I will have to get a Japan 3DS just to play it.

According to the details, we are able to use all the riders from Ichigo until Ozu which their different forms are included too! The gameplay looks similar to the Ikkitousen Xross Impact series where you select one playable rider and an CPU controlled rider.

Now you can create your own tag team like the original Double Riders, Black and Black RX, Amazon and Gills (Hopefully) or Stronger and Kabuto!

Coming out on 4th of August 2011! RIDER KICKKKK!!!!!

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