Friday, April 15, 2011

First Impressions-SRW Z2 Hakai Hen and SRW Z2 Saisei Hen!

I just got the game yesterday and this is what I think about it! It's freaking AWESOME!!! The battle animations are top-notch for a PSP (Dissdia FF, eat your hearts out!) Basically you start off with your new original lead, Crow who got a unit which is a cross between Strike Gundam and Unicorn Gundam default head. He supposedly own people 1000000 G and he end up volunteer in this experiment to pilot the machine. 

As this is a huge cast, there are many factions of enemies to battle-Britannia, OZ, Mars Empire, Invaders, Dr Hell, Gilgamesh Army, Vajah and the mysterious dimensions Beasts which we saw in the opening movie. I was surprised that many of the new casts appeared earlier and we got to choose which factions to join-Celestina Being, Crusher Team (Which is the God Mars Team) or the Black Knights (I haven't figure  out how to join them, someone tell me how!?)

Most of the upgrading systems are from the previous installment like the PP system but they have a new system called sub operator which I have yet to figure that out. Most probably it is similar like the Guest system from SD Gundam G Generation series.

Now a piece of news! A new teaser trailer has been put up for the conclusion of this game! Super Robot Wars Z2-Saisei Hen or Reborn Chapter!

From the video, most of you have guess what it will be the end of the Hakai Hen. Zero/Lelouch lead the Black Knights in the Black Rebellion, the Wing Boys surrounded by the OZ and Herro surrendered!? Setsuna being ambushed and his comrades are down, the advent of Shin Dragon, Aoi was confused and Shinobu has to bail her out, the truth of Shin Mazinger, Takeru's vision of his brother, Mark, Ranka left with Brent after saying goodbye to Alto and the mysterious enemies known as the Emperor.

Coming soon and enjoy the Hakai Hen!

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