Monday, April 11, 2011

First Impressions-30 Sai no Hoken Taikku, Hen Zimi, Dororon Enma Kun, Softenni plus X-Men, Dog Days, Tiger & Bunny Ep 2

These breasts will self destruct in two minutes if you do not make it orgsam!

30 Sai no Hoken Taikku: The first scene was Imgawa Hayao trying to lose his virginity to a rubber doll when Daigoro aka the Sex God appeared and freak him out. The rest of this ten minute episode is Daigoro giving all sort of tips about sex! From cleaning your manhood to heavy petting on a fake pair of explosives breasts, I laugh hard when the breasts declared that it's in pain! (It's better than the mouse pad with hills on it!) Daigoro even volunteered to give Hayao his first anal sex which probably dramatised him after that.

I was expecting something like B Cup H Kei with the sex god as a conciseness however Daigoro is a real person and spooking Hayao in front of his desktop was creepy. If Daigoro was a hot female, Hayao might go wild cowboy but that will end the story too fast. So a fun show to relieve but ten minutes is too short for it!

E.T is not calling home from you!
Hen Zimi: I don't know what to say but it freak me out when a lady incubated fruits flies in her ears, a guy who love physical contact minus the breasts, another who is a NTR fetish and a teacher who is more like a mad scientist who fail the female lead cause she like to fart in the bath tub. Ten minutes is more than enough for this show, anymore will cause viewers to have seizures like Pikachu's thunder shock!

This is not Shoujou Anime!
Dororon Enma Kun: It is the 1970s or Showa Era in Japan. Harumi was chased by her faceless friends and was rescued by a Kappa, Kapael and was also introduced to his friends, Yuki Onna, Yukikohime and the nephew of the Demon King, Enma Kun. The show was filled with action and fan service mostly from Yukikohime, it is like something I will watch back in the 90s.

However it was refreshing to see bad ass action from Enma after he slay a demon with a giant blazing hammer and Yamaguchi Kappei did a great job of portraying him rather than letting a female seiyu to voice a ten year boy. Noto Mamiko and Koyasu Takehito play Yukikohime and Kapael respectively and Noto, fresh from her Frezzing role was back playing a carefree and slightly air-headed character while Koyasu was last seen portraying one of the most bad-ass mecha pilots.

The show has a few songs played in the background which for a moment, I thought I was watching the Rocky Horror Show. Overall, a refreshing show to watch after all the love love and dark violence series the last few seasons. Go check it out and by the way, I think that old lady is swinging her flat out breasts in the bath house...

Not a good idea to wear that in a tennis game...
Softenni: Or should I pronounce as Soft Tennis which is what the girls are learning. I was expecting something like Prince of Tennis or Bamboo Blade where one of the characters is a hidden genius but No! What I got was 24 minutes of delusion thoughts of girls being sexually harassed, abused like a Looney Toon and stealing milk from a cow! However the selling point was the girls goofing around and one well endowed girl got motivated just by giving her food. Funny show with a lot of fanservice but if you are expecting over the top techniques like "Twist Serve", you are looking at the wrong show.

Best Line even in a X-Men Episode!
X-Men Ep 2: Yeah, finally the X-Men has balls to kill a mutant! The 90s and the last few incarnations of the X-Men never show them kill anyone (Minus Wolverine) Cyclops went Conan and bash a couple of robots while Wolverine did most of the work.

Finally the team found a mutant boy and he turn into an ugly cousin of Blob. Cyclops nearly freak out but fire at the boy the last moment and feel guilty afterwards. Wolverine smacked some sense into him (Again!) and found Hisako and a blond lady named Enma Frost. Good follow up and hope they kill more characters like X-Force does!
Yeah Leonmichelis! You are hot in those hot pants!

Dog Days Ep 2: Shinku took down the enemies like Nightcrawler pull that stunt at the White House in X-Men 2. He meet up with Elcair, Captain of the Royal Guard and learn a magic spell faster than Kamehameha. Shinku even mimic Nanoha's Divine Buster and blast everything to Kingdom Come! Of course Leonmichelis entered the fight and cause Shinku to touch Elcair's breasts twice! It finally ended with Shinku and Elcair smashing Leonmichelis' Armor into pieces and she surrendered after claiming her bustier and hot pants will overwhelmed all the viewers on television!?

Shinku want to go home but realised he can't go back and Millhorie's panic look was hilarious in the end! I was glad that they didn't go all out on the Takashi's Castle parody and instead of good old fashioned beat-up! Most underated show this season but good job. (Oh yes, I fell in love with Leonmichelis!)
Spiderman called. He want his Web Swinging Back!
Tiger and Bunny Ep 2: A disastrous start for Wild Tiger and Barnaby which nearly kill them. Both have doubts with each other but when a kid with NEXT power started to run rampage in the city, Tiger took it upon himself to stop the kid. He nearly went crazy when his daughter was almost killed but was saved by Barnaby at the last minute.

Finally Tiger convince the kid to use his power for good and even saved the day for our heroes! I realised that despite being a reality show with superheroes, Tiger has heart and even show Barnaby that you can be a hero even without beating the hell of villains.

Though Tiger's inspiration of a hero was a form of an overweight superhero named Mr Legend was not what I expected. But I like the Thumb Up from Mr Legend to Tiger which is like how Kamen Rider Kuuga always do in his series. It's all right to be different and everything is going to be OK! Barnaby has a personal agenda after seeing a mail named Orobos and from the next episode preview, he has a bad childhood...

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