Sunday, March 27, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 25-Real Men fight with Swords!

Mekiboss managed to escape from Irum and Ryoto and retreated to the White Star. Vindel and his men saw Wendolo in his Dikastes and were surrounded by the Einst. Wendolo fire at them and Vindel realised that Wendolo has already submitted to the Einst.

Mekiboss tried to question Wendolo and he replied that he was already influenced by the Einst when they first arrived and is only waiting for the chance to rise. Mekiboss attempted to kill him but failed. Wendolo then appeared outside the White Star with an army of Einst.

Our heroes battled Wendolo as the ATX team went to battle the Shadow Mirror who failed in their field escape and was transported outside the White Star. Masaki used Cyflash to destroy the Einst however Wendolo is still alive and tried to kill Masaki. Irum and Sangar arrived and slice off Diskastes's arms. SRX then deal the final blow and kill Wendolo.

Excellen battle Lemon and ask her who she really is. Lemon finally revealed after defeated by her. She is actually a clone created from the deceased Excellen of the alternative world. But she learned what is love and saw the possibility of Excellen and told Lamia to live her own life. Her mecha was destroyed after that.

Bullet defeated Vindel and he crashed into the White Star. Gillam ordered Bullet to help the others while he chased after Vindel. He confronted him and immediately rushed to an exposed System XN on Zweizergain's head.

Gilliam rebooted the System XN and planned to take the Einst and the White Star to another dimension. Vindel could not understand why. Gilliam explained it is to find his own world and to redeem for a girl that he met in another world.

The System XN began to teleport the White Star but at the same moment, a giant creature appeared and it was Stern Regisseur. It began to bind the Earth with red beams as our heroes watch in despair...

Wendolo was creepy as he appeared in his Einst form however the power of three giant houses took him down with ease. Gilliam's mention of the girl is probably the same one from Hero Senki. Even the music when he started the System XN is Hero Senki.

Now the head of the Einst has appeared! Can our heroes save the universe and will we see Gilliam again? Also, if they followed the game scenario, there is one more secret enemy they have to battle! See you next week for the final conclusion!

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