Friday, March 25, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 11-Houki is a "M" type?!

Ichika and Houki summoned their IS in the beach. Chifuyu informed Ichika in a private channel to look out for Houki as she might do something reckless. Ichika then held onto Houki and they blast through the sky at high speed.

They saw the Silvero Gospel now codenamed "Gospel" close by. Ichika tried to destroy it with one strike however Gospel discovered them and attack them back. Houki tried to hold it's movement while Ichika go for the kill. But Ichika saw an illegal ship in the area. He defended the ship but Houki told him to ignore them as they are criminals.

Ichika suddenly shouted back at Houki, telling her not to lose sight of the weak, despite having such powers. Houki realised her recklessness when suddenly Gospel fire at her. Ichika shielded her and got shot down. Houki's hair ribbons were also burnt in the process as she saved Ichika.

A rescue team led by Chifuyu found Ichika and Houki. Ichika was in a coma and the rest of the girls were worried for him. They felt that Chifuyu was concerned with the mission than Ichika.

Meanwhile, Houki remembered in the past of Ichika defending her at school and commented of looking good in wearing a hair ribbon.

Houki went to the beach where she was confronted by Rin. She slap Houki to get back her senses. Together with the rest of the girls, they decided to battle Gospel.

Thanks to the help of Laura's IS, they found Gospel and went to battle it as Chifuyu saw them in the operation room...

Why I saw Houki is a "M" type? Basically her behaviour is similar to Saeko of High School of the Dead who take pleasure in beating up people. Houki is really lucky to have Ichika as a friend and he really have guts to beat up the bullies which wow Houki's heart. Anyway the next episode might be the last episode, so  will we get to see a season 2? Find out next week for the conclusion! 

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