Monday, February 7, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 18-The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

The Hagane fire their cannon and it managed to buy some time for everyone to retreat. When they finally arrived at a safe zone, Daitetsu succumbed to his injuries which he received earlier and died. Excellen is in another dimension with Alchimie and began to brainwash her, turning Weibsritter into something hideous. The Shadow Mirror make allies with Wekiboss however Axel doubt the Inspectors' true motives.

The next day, the crew of Hagane and Hiryu Kai pay their last respects to Captain Daitetsu and even Kyosuke who woke up from his injuries paid his respects. After that, Yu and Carla decided to join the Hagane and now they make plans to retake the Earth Cradle where the Neo DC stationed. Elzem suggested bringing "someone" along for the reclaiming of the Earth Cradle. Kyosuke who is in the sick bay, want to rescue Excellen however he was stopped by Bullet and Laima.

Later, Masaki patrolled the skies and saw the Kurogane-Elzem's personal battleship and on board was Shirakawa Shu-Masaki's sworn enemy! Shu called for a truce and offered his help in the upcoming battles.
The Einst attacked the White Star and Axel with his improved Soulgain aid the Inspectors. At the same time, the Einst are attacking a nearby town and Ryouki and Koouki also appeared too...

Daitetsu's passing was expected if you play the game and Tetsuya Onodera will take over his role. Shu's arrival is not a good sign as he has a bigger ambition far greater than the Inspectors. The Hagane should really choose their allies. Anyway, we will be expecting to see Ryouki and Koouki resonating with Bullet and Kuzuha in the next episode and Reis Weibsritter appearance!

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