Sunday, February 6, 2011

Transformers, GI-Joe, Star Trek and Ghostbusters Team up?! Count me in!

I went to my regular comics store today and there is a new comic titled "IDW Infestation" I was thinking what is it about? I flipped the book and by the end of it, I found out that it is a crossover with Four of the well-known TV and Movie icons of the 80s!

The Transformers! GI-Joe! Star Trek! Ghostbusters! They are battling zombies that came from an unknown dimension! This is the kid inside me's dream come true!! What bring them together? Zombies! Lot of them!

From what I gathered, through the four Icons won't be meeting up (Hopefully they do!) However their actions will effect the other three worlds! I mean, I want to see Optimus Prime leading the heroes! (In my heart, he is the perfect leader!) Snake Eyes laughing in the face of the dead, slicing zombies heads, Egon and Mr Spock trading ideas and Peter just being a lovable jerk while flirting with Scarlet.

The main issue and Transformer: Infestation Issue 1 is out in stores now. I want to read it but some guy bought the last copy. Never mind, I think I wait for the Ghostbuster version. Anyway, if you saw it, go and get it! In the words of Optimus-"Let it shine in our darkest hours!" (Hopefully he use the matrix!)

Note: SRW OG S2 Ep 18 will be up soon!

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