Thursday, February 10, 2011

A short review of Valkyrie Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles

Last year, I mentioned about Valkyrie Chronicles 3 on the PSP and whether will it be able to succeed it's previous sequels? I am afraid to say this but yes, it's better than the last two!

Gameplay: The battle system is same as the last two with a few new surprises. Kurt, our hero is able to use "Direct Control" leading a squad of three members to follow him. This actually can help those slower units to move faster at the cost of Kurt's action points. Riela, one of two female leads can become a Valkyrie and is virtually invincible against any enemy fire and she blast her way through with her shield and spear. Imca, the calm trooper carry her custom weapon and she can use "Open Fire" which can multi-lock on several enemy targets. The upgrading of class is much easier as the more you used a certain character, doing what they are suppose to do-eg: Scouts search, Shocktrooper attack, Sniper snipe from far. It is fair easy and now everyone is able to change class at any time during the base camp mode. I change Imca from her original Lancer to Shocktrooper and she tear down enemy units within minutes.

Story: Like I mention before, it is a side story about the 422 squad codenamed "Nameless". They are sent for the most suicide missions and all of them are given numbers to identify themselves. Kurt was framed by his superiors and was sent to lead the squad after the previous captain KIA. Along the way, he gained trust from his team and they started reveal their real names to him. Of course, Kurt and co met Welkin and his team in an early chapter and several of the VC2 characters in the later stages. The main villains in this story is a team known as Calamity Raven led by a Darsen named Dahau. He has his own reasons for joining the empire and he is not as evil or crazy like the previous villains.

Overall: I am quite happy with this sequel-a big improvement from the last one. So will Sega do a fourth one, realising that this could be their best work after Sakura Wars? But what can they talk about after this war? Maybe the European War or WW2? Whatever it is, let's enjoy the game while it last!

P.S: Speaking of sequels-the sequel that I am waiting is Marvel vs Capcom 3! I might do a review about it when it come out! See you then and hope you enjoy it!

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