Monday, January 17, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 15-What the hell is Episode 15?

Sanger and Ratsel began their attack to rescue the people at the Tesla Institute. Vigaji and his troops were waiting for them as Fillo and the others were taken away to the holding area. Sanger hold Vigaji at bay while Ratsel went to search for Fillo.

Ratsel managed to find them and with help from Master Rishu, they free everyone. Fillo and Kazahara quickly rush to the underground lab to activate the "Double G" units. Meanwhile Sanger had a hard time battling Vigaji and even had the Grugust Type 3's hands severed off by him. Suddenly Wodam arrived and declare Sanger as his rival and will not let anyone kill him beside him. He immediately buy time for Sanger who rushed to a container deck at the field.

Sanger barely arrived and start up the Double G. However it's internal weapons are still offline. Fillo and Kazahara managed to start up in time before Vigaji could deal the final blow. Sanger could start up immediately and Wodam throw back the Zankantou to him.

Anyway, it is this episode title...

"There is nothing my Zakantou can not cleave!"
Kazahara explained that this unit's name is Dynamic General Guardian however Sanger renamed it Busou Soukou Dygenguar!! Ratsel arrived with his new unit-Aussenseiter AKA the Dark Horse. Together with Sleigh in Carlion, they defeated the Inspectors and destroyed Vigaji's unit! But Vigaji escaped in a pod and swore revenge on them. Wodam also left, telling Sanger that they will meet again.

Soon, the Hagane and Hiryu Kai has arrived and everyone admired on the two new units...

What an episode!! If they have any more of these kind of episodes, I will buy the DVDs when it come out!
Even Vigaji couldn't understand this episode credits and ask the fourth wall! The only thing they didn't do was Dygenguar and Aussenseiter combine and become "Man and Horse"! Maybe in another episode, hopefully...

Next episode will be about the SRX team and can Mai be able to become one of them?

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