Saturday, January 15, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 2-Customize is Fun!

During class, Cecilla bragged to Ichika about how the IS was created. Apparently there are only 467 IS around the world and the creator happened to be Houki's elder sister-Tabane. Her creations were so secretive that no one has been able to duplicate her success. However Houki seem distant towards her sister. Cecilla even boasted that she has her own IS-Blue Tears which Ichika realised that he doesn't have one.

Later, Houki stepped in to teach Ichika after a senior try to teach the basics of IS. They began training Kendo in the dojo which Ichika was lacking behind. Houki was determined to train him well but she was infatuated about him in the locker.

This is Gund...Wrong show!

"Shift Phrase Start!"
One week has passed and the match was about to start. Chifuyu introduced Ichika to his personal IS-Byakushiki and was informed to give the computer time to format his setting. Ichika immediately took off and head on to Cecilla in her Blue Tears.

Cecilla began to fire her long range rifle at him and Ichika was barely able to catch up. He managed to get close to her when Cecilla fire two missiles at close range. Ichika got hit but when the smoke clean, his IS changed form or First Shift. Cecilla realised that she is fighting him in his default settings and now Ichika was able to use a sword-Yukihira to take her on. Ichika evaded all her attacks and was about to dealt the final blow when his IS went out of energy. Cecilla was declared the winner after that.

Later, Chifuyu explained that Yukihira will absorb all the shield energy and concentrated to destroy the enemy's shield and damaged the pilot. Further Byakushiki has a flaw which they are unable to rectify it.
However Houki was glad that Ichika has become more confident and smile to herself. An influated Cecilla
was also dazed at Ichika's action in the shower...
A good episode which show how the IS battles are conducted and Ichika learned how to fight in his first battle. The energy delpeted remind me of Gundam Seed Shift Phrase and Cecilla's little shooters are like Funnels or Dragoons.
Anyway, next episode, Fan Lin Yin who is from China joined the cast and the best thing, she is a middle school friend of Ichika! Let the harem increase!

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