Monday, December 27, 2010

SRW OG S2 Ep 13-Big Bad Swords!

Continue from the last episode, Kyosuke and Axel continue to battle which Axel identify himself. Kyosuke still don't understand why Axel call him a Captain. Lemon ordered Axel to retreat as Rockets began to bombard the area.

Later, Lamia woke up in the Shadow Mirror Base and realise that Lemon has saved her. Lemon told her that she is behaving more like a human and acting on her own will. She decided to help Lamia by giving her a new unit-Vaisaga and ask her to help change the world.

Before she leave, Lemon ask her about Excellen. Lamia replied that despite she is a more of an enigmatic woman, she is very similar to Lemon. 

Lamia escaped but Axel was behind her and tried to shoot her down. Suddenly Gilliam and Ratsel appeared and took down some grunts. Vindel was surprised that Gilliam was here and called out his real name-Helios Olympus. Vindel even thank him for leaving his System XN behind and it was the reason how the Shadow Mirror came to our world.

Sanger Zonbolt appeared in his Grugust Type 0 and totally wiped out a whole group of grunts. Suddenly, Thrudgelmir appeared and it's pilot, Wodan Ymir challenged him to a duel! The two giants clashed with their swords as Lamia battled Axel.

Soon Kyosuke and the rest arrived to help Gilliam but Vindel immediately activated the Space jump which transported his ship away from the battle field. After that, Lamia and Gilliam began to debrief of who are the Shadow Mirror.

It was confirmed that the Shadow Mirror came from a parallel world with multiple differences-The death of Ratsel in the Elips incident, the aliens they fought after the DC war were the Inspectors and not the Aerogaters, the R-Eins which the Shadow Mirror used are this world's R-Blade. Vindel was consumed by the state of his world after the Inspectors War that he started a Coup to conquer the world.

Kyosuke asked why Vindel is trying to achieve by coming to our world. Lamia's answer was because of Kyosuke. In the parallel world, Shadow Mirror were defeated by a mysterious group known as Beowolf and their leader was Kyosuke. However Kyosuke was consumed by a mysterious force that turned him to a monster and killed anyone in his way. Vindel decided to come to this world hoping he change that future from happening. Gilliam finally revealed that he too came from the parallel world...

Wow! Shadow Mirror's motives were revealed and it was nice to hear Hero Senki which is Gilliam's theme. For those who don't know, Gilliam first appeared in a SNES game called Hero Senki which has Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Gundam characters and Gilliam battling together. Although Gilliam became the final boss at the end, he was defeated and was cast into another dimension. Now Gilliam is trying redeem his sins by changing the world. Also, Sanger's bad ass appearance was awesome, smashing his way and saying his trademark phrase-The sword who cleaves anything! Hope we get to see his Daizanger soon!

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