Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mazinkaiser SKL Ep 1-Let's start this Year with a Bang!

First, Happy New Year to you all who has been supporting me this last few months! Let's start the new year with the first review of 2011-Mazinkaiser SKL!

Our story take place in the future where a group of a commandos are send to a mysterious gravity vortex surrounding a island. The plane was shot and only a female soldier-Yuki Tsubasa survived by piloting a machine (A Red Falcon to be exact). Yuki saw above the cliff, two groups of machines fighting each other, one is the Kiba forces which their mecha resembles the enemies of Mazinger Z. Another is the Galan forces which have mecha resembles from God Mazinger.

Yuki was nearly killed by a Kiba mecha when a black mecha appeared-Kaiser and it's two pilots-Kaido Tsurugi and Magami Ryo. They began to make quick job on the Kiba forces with Kaido in-charge of melee attacks and Magami in charge of gun-fire.

Prior to the events, Kaido, Magami and Yuki were part of a special forces who were sent to this Island due to the gravity fields on it. Their mission is to stop the gravity fields otherwise Earth could be wiped out if the field continue to expand. Kaido and Magami were the advance team that came to the island but lost contact two weeks later.

Arm Wrestling-A must in Super Robots Show!

Another group of Kiba forces were attacking the Octagon which is run by a race of female warriors and their leader, Aira. However the female mecha formed a shield to protect the Octagon. Kiba, the leader of his group battle Kaiser however he retreated after more of Galan forces appeared.

Yuki woke up in the Octagon and was brought to Aira. She explained their Island has been in constant battles since their ancestors' time due to the unlimited resources of robots. Yuki told them about the gravity anonymity which Aira suggested that it was due to over usage of creating robots. Yuki want them to stop
the war but no one will heel to it.

Galan was informed by his follower, Himiko that Kiba is planning to attack the Octagon again at night which came true. The Aira forces began to do battle with the Kiba Forces and Yuki suggested to contact Kaido and Magami which she began to do so by piloting her Pilder. She managed to contact them and ordered them to help the Aira forces.

Kaiser say "Just Bring it!"

Bad to the Bone!
Kaiser ascend from the ground below and Kaido and Magami in their Skull Pilder dock in. They began to take down the Kiba forces and finally Kiba battle him. Kaiser was caught in a trap by Kiba but broke free by firing the rocket punch to grab of his sword on the ground. Finally Kaiser killed Kiba as the sun began to rise. Aira saw everything in the screen and pondered is Kaiser the saviour to the Island...

Wow! When I first hear the news of the new Mazinkasier OVA, I was skeptical as Kaiser is piloted by two men and it is supposed to be an another alternative timeline of the Mazin Universe. Although I wonder who created Mazinkaiser and how it got in the hands of our male leads. There was a quick shot of a destroyed Photo Energy Institute and Mazinkaiser is in shackles at the opening which led to believe this Kaiser is not to be mess around. The action was great with Kaido slashing through like Guts with his dragon slayer sword and Magami doing the Gun-Fu with twin pistols and blasting away like a John Woo Movie!
Overall, a great start and with two more volumes coming out on February and March. It's a blast and the music is kick-ass!

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