Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Robots Wars OG Season 2 Ep 1: The First Stage is usually easy.

After three years of waiting, the continuation of the Original Generations Series begin!

The opening shot showed Alteisen destroying SRX with Ryusei screaming why before his death. Alteisen which is now piloted by a deraged Kyosuke approached a hanger base where Axel piloting Beowolf try to stop him. Beowolf destroyed Alteisen's left arm but suddenly regenerated a new arm.
It grew bigger and Axel took a gamble. Luring Altesien into the hanger and destroying his core.

Axel jump into a dimension portal and blow up the base with Alteisen in it...(Note: this is an alternative
universe know as the Shadow Mirror where many of our characters are either dead or evil.)

Now in our time, six months has passed since SRX and ATX team defeated the DC armies and the aliens known as Arrowgaters. However, the remnants of the DC armies still continue their attack on the Earth. 

In China, DC began to attack the Earth Federation Forces and were overwhelmed. Kyosuke, Excellen and Bullet sortie out and took down the DC troops.

 Excellen and Weissritter

Kyosuke and Altesien 

DC's two new pilots Yuuki and Karla voluteered to take down the ATX team and sortie out.

The two of them caused some problems with Bullet and Excellen while a mysterious machine came out of the ground.

Yuuki vs Bullet

This look BAD!!!
The mysterious machine destroyed one of the Earth Federation ship and disappeared. Suddenly energy projectiles shot down from the sky destroying the DC troops. It resembled an Angel and it's pilot spoke of Earth "an Apple of Paradise"...

I didn't know Angelg has a mouth.
A great start to the second season with more questions to be ask. Those who play the game before will know who are the good and bad guys. I was shocked to see SRX got blown up with blood splatted all over Altesien's face and Beowolf is bad ass fighting Altesien. Knowing the game, ATX team will play a bigger role than SRX team in this season and don't forget, it is basically a three way fight for our heroes. (One is the Shadow Mirror, the second is DC and the last is a creepy mecha piloted by a little girl)

The ending credits is pure fanservice. Enjoy!

Aya Kobayashi

Lamia Loveless

Viletta Badam

Schine Hauzen

Latooni Subbota

Leona Garstein

Seolla Schweitzer

Mai Kobayashi

Ouka Nagisa

Kusuha Mizuha

Excellen Browning

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