Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iron Man Ep 1-IRYAAA MAANDO!!! (That is how it pronouce in Japanese)

Iron Man, now one of the more popular characters in Marvel Comics is incarnated in these Japanese adaptation from Madhouse Studios and Marvel Comics. So let's see how this version is like.

Tony Stark now travel to Japan hoping to work with the Japanese government into installing the Arc Reactor for Japan's Energy problems.

He met up with his contacts - Dr Tanaka and the Minister of Defence-Kuroda and discuss the hope of building friendship between Japan and America,

Damn, Pepper looks hot than her live action counterpart!
After the meeting, Tony went back to his place and his Iron Man suit is enclosed in a cylinder. Pepper told him that the production model of Iron Man and the test pilots have arrived in Japan. Tony wondered if retiring as Iron Man was a good thing...

The next day, Tony went to a testing site and he introduce Iron Man Dio to Kuroda. Dio could do almost everything that Iron Man can and Kuroda was impressed.

After leaving the test site, Tony was approached by a group of reporters and a female reporter-Nanami accidently trip on him. Tony tried to be friendly with her but Nanami was embarssed and give a slap on Tony. A few days later, Tony used the Dio Suit and displayed some aerial stunts to the Japanese people. Suddenly, the suit malfunctioned and he crashed on the roadside.
Nanami was driving by and she asked if he is all right. Tony acted cool and asked Nanami for a ride back home.
Tony went back home and tried to figure out what went wrong with the Dio Suit when one of the test pilots who was wearing the Dio Suit went berserk and destroy the lab. Tony suit up and take down the test pilot.
When he thought it was over, a mysterious creature attacked him and it called itself-Scorpio of the Zodiac.
Iron Man vs Aliens?!
Iron Man overcome Scorpio and destroyed it with his Repulsor blasts. When he went back to Dio, the suit was gone, leaving only the test pilot. Iron Man began to wonder why...

Not bad for a popular Marvel Comics character to be "Japanized". Fujikawa Kenji was charming as Tony Stark through I wish they could make digitinzed his voice as Iron Man like the live action films. Itou Shizuka (She is getting a lot of roles these days) playing the spurky reporter was fun and cute. No wonder Tony find her fun to tease with.

Overall, not bad for a first ep. (At least it is better than that toku Spiderman in the 70s)

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