Friday, September 24, 2010

Strike Witches S2 Ep 12- Flying Girls Forever!

Okay! The final episode of Strike Witches Season 2! I am not going back to Ep 11 as most of you have watch it or read other blogs about it so to keep a long story short...the story so far, Mio realised that she is losing her power after knowing that her sword-Reppumaru is a energy-eating sword. The witches and the allied forces are to began their attack in taking back Romanga which is still under the Neuroi and the secret weapon was the battleship Yamato which was fitted with a Neuroi Engine. The Yamato managed to reached the surface of the Neuroi but it was infected and was turing into a Neuroi.

Ep 12: Mio immediately rushed off to reach the Yamato as she was the only one with remaining magic left. The others could only watch as Mio entered the Yamato's engine.

Mio started the engine and fire the cannons

A huge explosion occurred and everyone thought it was over.

Suddenly the Yamato appeared with a large Neuroi Core behind.

Mio is trapped unconscious and the Neuroi is using her magic to create shields and destroying the fleet.

Yoshika then remember about Reppumaru's Ultimate Skill-Shin Reppuzen and know that the sword is still on the Yamato's deck.Yoshika know she has to do something and took off in her Striker Unit. She tried to hard to reach but there were too many enemies.

The Calvary is here!!!
The other witches motivated by Yoshika joined in the fight and cover Yoshika to reach Reppumaru.

Yoshika pulled out the sword and head straight to the core. Mio shouted her to release Reppumaru or else all her magic will be gone. But Yoshika head straight and smashed the core.

Yoshika and Mio started to descend to the ocean and Yoshika's Striker unit and Reppumaru fell into the ocean as her magic is gone The other witches caught hold of them and cheered for them.

After the aftermath, the Strike Witches were offically disbanded and everyone went back to their lives.

Yoshika returned back to Fuso where she was recieved by her mother and friends. Yoshika began to work at her family clinic and the last shot was Shin Den and Reppumaru wash ashore on a beach.

A great ending for an under rated show! When the first season came out, many were speculated if it was a cheap thrill to have girls flying in their underwear but it was proven wrong and a great finish to that. When the second season started, everyone wondered can it make a second time and the makers proved them it can be done again!

The story although has a few fillers like the beach episode and a funny episode about the bug Neuroi which fly in everyone's underwears. However it proved that a show that tried not to take it too serious was awesome and will be loved by people who just love good story telling and interesting characters.

Will there be a third season as the final battle indicate June 1945 which is like the end of WWII in alternative universe. Only time can tell but for now our Witches can rest for a job well done!

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